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I strongly belive that the Ringed City is Londor. Isn't that strange that every single cities across the Dark Souls's univers has a name except the Ringed City ? This sword is my only evidence but I like the idea.
The ringed city isn't a normal city. It is an amalgamation of many lands passed, and was very likely nothing before this.
OP weapon. Nerf this*****.
It does so much damage with 1 hit, nerf this, Fromsoft
So i stole this from the pilgrim and brought it too the ringed city in hopes of finding a secret. the description says Anri will wait patiently in a slumber for a rightful lord. Tbh I'm hoping to either stab Filianore as she too is patiently awaiting her lord Gwyn and since I'm a lord of hollows, it might suffice. probably not though so either her or Shira is the closest idea of a secret but I'm just gonna run around the DLC till i find nothing or something. Comment if you tried this or better yet if you found something :)


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Did you find anything?
In the room with the drop to fight Midir, there is a giant symol on the wall, with smaller ones behind the "serpent statues". Also, the statues all seem to be looking at it.......
I would of preferred the more traditional and SANE type of marriage involving a ring and a church filled with everyone me and her knew, but unfortunately even an up and coming lord of hollows cannot have everything... go figure.