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Ma name is jeff


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Hi I'm playing on PC (Steam) and I'm looking for jolly co-op partners.


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Hey man, same here, started recently, have no experience, have been trying to help people beat the capra demon but no callers so far. Wanna do this?
Helo i'm a level 33 pyromancer with the Chaos Servant covenant player named is Velka and will help in the areas of Blighttown summon sign near the bonefire, Undead parish summon sign near the firekeeper soul, Undead burge near the bonefire next to the shortcut. Will bow when summoned.
Also my pyromancy spells are chaos fire ball, Fire orb, and flash sweat or Fire orb, Combustion, flash sweat, and power within or soul arrow your chose. From Velka
Add me on steam @ BillyBobJen and I will be happy to help if you message me. We can get through it with jolly good co-op a d I'm sure I have a character near your stage or one I can get there quick!
thanks to the knowledge written down here me and my friend will have a lot of fun you have my thanks may the stars guide the journey that is your life