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I did not give her any staff when i first met her and did not meet her at the second location, and she still showed up in the 3rd location asking for the armor pieces, she says something "thanks for nothing but i found a staff by myself", i gave her the armor and she still showed up in the executive forum.
This is also what happened to me. I wasn't sharing my Negotiator with her, the armour was very cheap to make though so I wasn't too fussed


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She wouldn't take my Reinforced Pipe, saying: "Hardly..."

I had to grab a Mg Negotiator from one of the security guards following her stairs down one level.
She already HAS a pipe-staff, mate.
Giving her the weapon she already has hardly qualifies as helpul, you know ?
I aggro her wtf do I do she's right near a flame guy in the second area goddamn who made this game
She'll accept a biomaster as well. It seems any kind of stave will do aside from the pipe.
Wow I just hit muddy the red robot too wtf this game sucks so bad they bait u to hit her so bad now I think I blew that whole quest line and the one with staff girl
I have her aggro too and I let her kill me but every time I go back to the location she gets all bitchy :c and there's no way to go back
While I do really enjoy the game and like it alot I agree that her placement on the second encounter totally sucks. Placing her near that tough enemy that keeps strolling into your conversation is pure trolling of the devs. I didn't hit her, but I still wasted time and consumable on this crap and also missed some dialogue.


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After finishing her questline and killing her, I noticed that if you return to her room her exoskeleton is there (and a wig?!) but her body is not. I don't suppose there's anything else to this?
It's interesting because the exoskeleton's right arm was cut off too, and I did finish her off with the arm cut so it's definitely hers.
Yeah well, the implentation sucks ... bad. I had to abort killing Irina on the 4th encounter because I dealt way too much damage and could not build up enough energy. After coming back again she was still at 10% health. Fell back again and equipped keep 50% energy implants. Ran up to her and executed her right atm, no staff. I have no words for how badly implemented this***** is.
"I guess I'm not getting it this NG-cycle either". One of the worst feelings in this game, LOL.
Your face sucks bad
How about how poorly you planned for the fight... Never your fault always the system... If you want a weapon go in prepared to get a weapon.. even if it means using a wrak weapon