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any recommendations on how to kill the bloody crow of cainhurst? currently level 80 and a skill/bloodtinge build
Git Gud
I let him get close, right out of melee range and often he will engage the blood damage on his Chikage. Just stay close and dodge, be patient, and he will drain most of his health for you. It takes time and he will heal himself once. Once he is down to roughly half to a third health left after the heal, you will have to go in and get messy but it's a big help.
Simon's Bowblade, and backing up when he rushes
G: use
E: augur of
T: ebrietas

G: and
U: hunters axe
D: charge attacks
Best game ever, how is the community folks? Still enjoying the game after many playthroughs. See ya in Yharnam.
We need Bloodborne 2 badly, at least another DLC.
souls 2 suckksssssss!!!!!!
we don't need another bloodborne, we just need more DLC's that's it.
Honestly another Bloodborne would ruin the first one. Bloodborne is a special game, don't ruin it by asking for another one. Plus, Bloodborne is not a series, it's one game, and thats what it should be. I personally love the game. I just don't want it to be ruined by people asking for a series when that's not what it's supposed to be. Now I do feel like it's a very small game and there should be more to it. Honestly I would love that.
Wow way to say the same thing 3 times in a row, we get it you weird little fan you don't want a sequel
Totally agree. What I'd ask for is probably to carry on improving the game or maybe add one or so more DLCs.
I disagree. I do understand where you're coming from and I respect your opinion, but I just see it as pessimistic.
A Bloodborne 2 could suck or it could be great. Regardless, BB would still be amazing.
I'm just confused by the idea that sequels can ruin the game before it. Could you please explain why you think another Bloodborne would ruin it?
I think that if another Bloodborne is made, it should be a different character set in the same time as the first, perhaps on a different hunting night. This would make it so bloodborne doesn't become a series, but rather a series of standalone games
Anyone willing to help me through the Defiled Chalice?
Does anyone know where to farm 27.2% cursed DROPLET gem stones? I cannot find a chalice anywhere for 27.2% droplet gems only radials, triangles and etc.
Got mine from a Cainhurst Hunter in a cursed pthumeru ihyll dungeon, but can't remember the glyph
can you turn of the blood in thiss like you could on ds3 and ds2



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Why would you want to it's like a key feature of the game
I really do hope Bloodborne 2 gets confirmed. If it does get confirmed, I would BE SO HAPPY!