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need to be nerfed because they are too hard to counter especially when there is lag. Now i am not talking about the scrubs spamming l1s. But any skilled player will crush you when they are using this because make one mistake and your are either dead or mortally wounded. Add to the fact that they make tons of weapons obsolete. Think of them like if katanas got great sword damage. From please remove their l1 hyper armor. Still until they get nerved they will be my go to weapon for pop because they are in every sense of the word the best weapon in pvp period.
PS make the l1 parryable.
Seriously,not trying to be rude...but,stop being a *****ing noob.There is easily more than 5 methods to counter them,1-Stomp,2-Perseverance,3-GreatShields + backstab fishing = gg izy,4-ROLLING you ******,5-POISE,just go and poise through that***** with a big weapon,6-Fast weapons,seriously,straightswords are hard counters for almost EVERY***** IN THE GAME,and you ask them to nerf the RKPGS,ask them to nerf almost every straightsword hitbox before too ******,just stay in his face and spam RB/R1,7-Katanas,seriously you can ***** someone with RKPGS just with running attacks(technically,you can counter almost every***** doing this,except parry ''kings'')
There is even a video of a guy countering that *****ing RKPGS with almost EVERY *****ING WEAPON IN THE GAME,YOU *****ING BIIITCH,im so tired of*****ty noobs like you,these weapons are so bad,and people just keep asking to nerf that*****,IF YOU'RE NOT GOOD AT PVP,JUST GET OUT OF IT YOU BASTARD,you're the type of***** that cryed about FUGS,and this weapon is now pure crap on PvE and PvP,just go suck a ****,you ******,go play Skyrim,Minecraft,The Surge,that kind of*****,but get out of Dark Souls *****...
Paired greatsword are like little wheels you put on bikes for kids so they can get good at pvp
You don't even know to counter those weapons,there is even a video of a guy countering that***** with almost every weapon in the game,just get out of PvP *****,if you can't handle,GET OUT ******
HMM.. The other replier seems a little butthurt that they got "nerfed"
People just keep complaining about them,just go ***** yourself please,those weapons are already two paired big dung pies,not enough damage for an UGS,seriously im level 517,i can do more damage with my Greatsword buffed in 3~4 hits,than the entire combo of this*****ty ultra greatswords,without spending all my *****ing stamina,the tracking is terrible OMG,i miss the WA almost every *****ING TIME in PvP,the first L1/LB is so predictable,***** yourself i dodge this***** everytime even with lag,''Nerf the HyperArmor please huuur duur'',THIS***** DOESN'T EVEN HAVE IT,i got staggered by a dagger when i tried to use the charge attack against one guy,i tried to charge against a *****ing greathammer user,and he stagger me WITH 1 *****ING HIT,I WAS USING FULL *****ING HAVEL!!!!!
PS - I can do more damage than it with 3~4 hits,just with 1 *****ing buff,sometimes i don't even need the buff(if the enemy doesn't have too much physical defense)
........ The salt is REAL here
Not trying to be rude(again),but its not like there was no reason for it,the hitbox of this weapon is pretty bad(no,being serious,really serious),the only attack with a *****ing godly hitbox is the charged L1/LB,but his tracking is terrible,my WA sometimes simply pass through people,like no hitbox,it happens almost everytime,i can't combo the WA sometimes just because this***** pass through people when i am too close,and i can't use it at mid distance,its almost impossible to hit with it at mid distance
people are complaing about pvp not sl 517 pve lmao
At sl 517,there is still PvP,not on undead match,but theres is a good amount of invasions on that level
Either a lot of people suck with these, or the thrall axe is a rather nice counter to them. (not objective, purely from my own experience)
Other than the phantom range ( which isn't something new to the series ), I think this weapon is fine. There is a number of ways to counter it:
Stomp, Perseverance, Unfaltering Prayer+a powerful miracle, smart spacing+casting spells, Wolf's knight GS L2+R2...This weapon is terrifying for Straight Sword and Katakana users though. Also, you can roll away after the second L1.
Its clearly not terrifying for straight sword and katana users,since they can simply just keep running attacking you all the match,especially if they have a greatshield,they will just approach you and spam r1/rb,and if you EVER try to use your charge l1 near them,they'll simply lag stab you to hell
People complain too much about this weapon,but its almost useless for PvE because >> 1- There isn't too much enemies that are worth for you to use the L1/LB combo,considering the enemies that could be worth enough for it to be used almost don't have normal poise,like silver knights,you can't use it against them,theyll just ***** you right in the face,and about the enemies that aren't ''worth'' for it to be used,is just because they'll probably die on 3 normal hits,so you won't even need to use this combo.2- The damage isn't worth enough,being serious now,i can do more damage with my greatsword in 3~4 hits,depends on the enemy,than the RKPGS in the entire combo.
And its almost useless for PvP too because >> 1- >>Too predictable<< So pedrictable that people don't complain about the damage,or the moveset or whatever it could be on 90% of the times,they mostly complain about the phantom range on the charged L1/LB,i try not to beat the same dead horse again sincerely,but if you're going to nerf this weapon phantom range,you need to nerf all straightswords phantom range too,because they're the most ridiculous case of phantom range in every duel. 2- >>Too many hard counters for just one weapon<< Seriously,i don't even need to explain that,do i need? i never saw one weapon so many hard counters,its terrible,theres Stomp,Perseverance,Wolf Knight WA,GreatHammers + poise,Running katana gods,Rolling,etc.
Another counter for this weapon: Friede's Great Scythe,when you see the other guy preparing his charge LB/L1 from the RKPGS just use the the combo and youll understand,technically Friede Great Scythe have REAL poise,i tried to break someone poise with the charged attack when the guy was using it,and i was *****ed up,wich is strange,even Friede Great Scythe gives you better poise(i use with Havel,the only enemies that can interrupt my combo are those who use UGS,being serious),Paired UGS are way too easy to interrupt,so no more reason to complain about its hyper armor...
1like or dislike on this comment = 100 point downs to the gankers that use these weapons and spam L1L1L1L1
they work much much better if you use the RB attacks with the LBs
People need to calm down about people using these in pvp, they look cool so clearly people will use them. Y'all just need to take the stick out of your *** and sit the ***** down, all is fair in pvp and if your so upset about people using a certain weapon and don't care to learn to counter it effectively then maybe just don't play dark souls.
I feel like this weapon should do a lot more damage and take more stamina... I mean it's still an Ultra Greatsword, paired at that.
Also most of the attacks are quite easy to get around so the hate seems more like people hating on something popular.
Personally I think it's a really weak weapon overall but I don't get angry if I die to it or see someone using it as it looks great.
Well for an ultra greatsword it doesn't do much damage on individual hits true?
The low damage is to make up for the 3 hit garunteed combo
I would like to say that i'm kind of glad that, for once, the cool weapon gets to be the meta. We've had to live with boring *** rapiers and straightswords since release, and it's cool that the cool weapon gets to be good for a change. I really wanted to like the Farron Greatsword, but it couldn't cut it. THESE babies on the other hand...
"Coudnt cut it", GIT GUD BOI!!!!...
"LOLOLOL GIT GUD XDDDDD" *****in autists in this fanbase i swear. at release, Farron's was terrible in just about every way--***** even now it isn't good.

Also lol to all those dislikes. people on this page are sooo *****ing salty.