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I think the reason people join this cov is just to avoid being invaded by it lmao
Does being an aldrich faithful make you not be invaded by them? That would be awesome to roleplay one on a new game plus and never progress the game past the Aldrich boss door. Lol...
Invaded someone who'd summoned their friend as a red who then started searching for me probably to trick me into going to find the host to kill together then backstab me (wouldn't be the first time) so I just black cystaled out as I am not dealing with another situation where this happens, invaded the same host again with the host and his red friend fighting another red so I tried to help just as the other red died then I died, invaded them again same thing happened, the next time I invaded them a red had just killed the host's red friend in a 2v1 so I decided to help and get revenge, but the red figured he'd watch a "fair" duel and threw an undead hunter charm on me after I healed and watched, I just wanted revenge not a duel with someone who'd just had an unfair fight with said red invader. This is why I can't play this game for too long.
Man that sucks
I'm trying farm up dregs for stupid covenants staff and keep invading same4 guys farming the AF. Such a stupid setup get currency.
go offline and farm from the blue priests. Dregs drop often
I was invading as an AF and invaded someone whose phantom looked like an AF, definitely not a Blue Sentinel or Blade of the Darkmoon as they had a red tint, I thought they were on my side until they attacked me, I locked on to them and it said they were a phantom, is this a random glitch or is there a way to do this?



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They did the boss Invasion Glitch, which allows them to harm you, and everything else.
I absolutely hate this invade zone nothing but troll gank squads and disconnects


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Speak the truth. Litterally every invasion I have had as a Faithful has been this.
I only joined this Cov to get the spell. As soon as I get it I'm *****in done with it. I hate the way as soon as I left pontiffs arena, I got invaded by 4 people, 2 at a time. Killed them all because I'm better than the scrubs that use this cov.
I found it quicker to just farm the dregs from those priests along the upper walkway.
I don't get this*****. I thought I am summoned to help someone. Instead everyone is fighting me. There are always a normal guy, one with white shine and one with red. Could someone explain me please
You are supposed to kill the host


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The whole point of this covenant is to kill the host, but they will always run back and summon phantoms to help them the moment they see the 'invaded by aldrich faithful' message. your only allies are other aldrich faithfuls, coloured blue and red like yourself
70% of the people in this covenant are griefers....



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Some tips for fellow AF invaders.
1, Go into the game and try to look for the host but stay away from him.
1.5 If the world is seeded jump to step 3
2. See if the host is hosting an arena(not moving), normal ganking(looking for you with others) or just progressing the area
2.5 if the host is doing a normal arena just go and fight.
3. If the host is just progressing, the world is seeded or it's a ganking arena without seeds, go into the room before the lever stairs and wait for the host( the silver knights won't chase you down and the area is good for pvp)
4.By now you either get more AFs to help you or you can fight the host in a clean area or the host just discconects
5.If the host has seeded the world and not moving, just use black crystal and leave because Silver Knights will shred you before you get to him/them.

The timer on the seed is very short. Wait it out and then wreck
this covenant is a sick joke
Gives me conniptions...