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My PSN account is megaprime1000. If someone want to trade this weapon for no mater what they are welcome to contact me by messages on playstation ;)
Never mind someone just gave it to me:)
I am in need of this... anyone on ps4 want to trade for something else? Smellerbee2000
Someone awesome has given me this already. Thanks!! Very much appreciated
i am in need severely. i have all weapons and will trade you anything u neeeeed including souls. (sl 234). on xbox one. will throw in 2 sets of paired ringed knight great swords at any level of renforcement you want. GT- blackods383
I do have it but I have it fully upgraded
Still need those swords?
I have the blade for Xbox One.
Have the blade on xbone, gamertag is Rage Mophead
I really need this, i would sincerly appreciate if someone on ps4 could trade it to me! Psn edwin4ever88
A good soul has given me the sword of my need. Thank you sir! Very much appreciate your kindness!
i messed up on my 3 characters who too high SL for the quest. I really need this weapon, would love to trade! PSN: Chael93
What ya got to trade?
Already traded, thanks to a kind sir.
Does this stack with power within?
Yes it does



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it safe read tear you can wear it both hand for double effect and use 2H for maximum dmg
Does the sword have to be in hand to receive the critical health buff? Or can it just be equipped?
In can be in your off-hand and sheathed but you don't get the buff from just equipping it
I have this on xbone gt: Storminnmormonn