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So, I really do love Anri, but I have an issue. I never found Anri in the Catacombs, I killed Wolnir AND Aldrich before I even knew about this. I did not kill the pilgrim. I killed Horace way after I killed Aldrich. I also never saw her at the Church of Yorska. If that corpse bent over outside the the tomb is Anri, is she dead for good?
The pilgrim was already dead when I walked into the Darkmoon Tomb, what could have happened? (I failed Yoel's Quest with only 3 dark sigils after killing the Abyss Watchers)
Ok question: If i have not killed the spy in the church, but I don't want the lord of hollows ending, where may I find her?
I did NOT kill the pilgrim in the church of yorshka but anris summon sign is Infront of pontiff sulyvahnn, after she has exited the church of yorshka. Do I kill him without her summon or did something ***** up?
this "questline" is *******
I love this game but it is frustrating indeed how you have to check the wiki in order to get those character quests right, because they make zero sense and the lore is ridiculously cryptic. Seriously, I must've killed that Holy Knight Hodrick guy 4 times in a single playthrough, only to find his corpse in yet a different place. Not sure how you're supposed to figure that stuff out on your own.
I can't find Anri in either location for questline A. We defeated Aldrich in her world. I recieved her sword from Ludleth but never told her about horace. She is not near the crest shield. I checked the horace location and she is not there. Where the hell is she? I want the Elite Knight set.


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so what happens if i kill aldrich before helping anri? do i ***** up the quest?
I killed Aldrich before finishing Anri's quest. From my experience you don't need to worry about it, as long as you don't tell her/him about Horace and kill him at the smouldering lake. You should still be able to be summoned in Anri's world.
aldrich in ur world died, but not the one in anris world
Kinda stupid how on quest line A she ends up being hostile no matter what....
Welcome to Dark Souls
I mean she goes hollow.

That's what happens when you have no goal.
Questline fails if you happen to make Anri hostile (it happened to me in the Catacombs, when some Skeleton Bro's ambushed me in the Wooden Bridge room before Wolnir). Tried to reload the area and everything, but now I'm at the Darkmoon Tomb and there's no Anri to be found here. Surprisingly Yoria of Londor is still friendly towards me and she keeps telling about the Wedlock happening. There was no Anri in Church of Yorska either. I've killed Horace after Anri got hostile but Questline still didn't progress.
go to the velka statue in undead settlement, request absolution,and youre good.
I Put on Horace's armour on when she was next to his grave. She was not conceived she straight away attacked. I feel a bit more horrible now.
But also her sign appeared before I killed the hidden pilgim. I guess it was a glitch I had 5 dark sigils and everything. So I killed it anyway. So she could die with her Horace.
It's convinced not conceived you dingus.