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Fume Ultra GS is a PvE beast because of the strike damage buffed to a bosses weakness it is easily over 1000 damage without any scaling! with scaling not tested it yet but have a feeling it would be over 3000 making pontiff a joke if you get the first parry nameless king joke if you stagger him but it still stands no chance against midir unless it is buffed with lightning you are running a STR/Faith build then you just will win.
Really? It's hard to believe, I mean, I can't disprove that, but i think it's not op again, Greatsword out damage him for example.
Buff this thing.
It was at launch but From knocked it over the left-field wall with the nerfville slugger, patch 1.03.
Don't forget the weapon art also blocks like 95% of damage, in pvp when you and an opponent have 1 hit till death throw it out there, they might get **** and r1 spam to their death
The nerf would be fine if the weapon art was a fire and dark buffs with a special RH2 heavy attack just saying
This thing is trash now and most likely will stay trash.Yhe weapon art sucks and nobody gets hit by it in PvP hell this thing never hits in PvP because the way the game plays the enemy will just roll through the attack even if the blade hit them.Next the strike damage doesn't even help because LITERALLY any other ugs will catch up and out damage it.Lastly people say to buff it to make it better a weapon shouldn't have to rely on buffs to make it good the ONLY good thing about this weapon is the range.The
My god the recovery time is trash the hyper armor is trash the *****ing hit box on PvP is trash overall this weapon is some pretty good trash 1/10 would use as rubbish replacement but seriously i agree with the two comments below me this thing is bad and needs to be fixed
I know why does that happen my blade hits them or goes through them they still don't take damage and also regarding ugs in general the way enemies can roll through the sword when their NOT supposed to have invincibility frames is stupid


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I know its niche nowadays is that it has high strike damage which is nice, but that really doesn't explain how much less AR this 50 str, 25.5 weight sword has than Greatsword and Lothric. If it were just slightly less I'd understand, but its a pretty significant difference. Especially now that Ledo's Hammer is in the game which basically negates that niche unless someone REALLY wants to use an Ultra Greatsword with strike for the style of it.

They wouldn't even necessarily need to improve damage though, imo If they increased its use as a shield and improved upon its defense and stabiity, make it maybe even just a shield in general with 100.00 physical (but 49 stability and not so great in elemental defenses to balance it out.). I think that'd be a really interesting niche for this sword to have along with its strike damage. Its too bad they seem to be a bit afraid to take another look at this weapon for fear of making it op again, when there's ways to make it stand out more without doing that.
That still wouldn't help it it's supposed to be a ugs (heavy damage) not a pseudo shield (although it is helpful) and going back to damage it's​ strike damage doesn't help after NG and doesn't matter in PvP they just need to rebuild this weapon in general
'It's two-handed R2/RT oddly deals Strike damage instead of Thrust despite looking like it would do so.' Have u ever seen the 'point' of thea sword? Man some people are stupid af.


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Just went in and edited it to fix it
All i want to know is how much strength do you need to two hand it ;-;
Requirement, divide by three, multiply by two.
yep, two handed strength takes your regular strength and multiplies by 1.5, so you would need 34 strength to two hand it (i don't think 33 would round up)
FUGS is trash.....that's is