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Has anyone found this anywhere? It's seems rarer than blood rocks
This one grants 50k souls.
Old Great One, but not Great Old One. Sheer Brilliance.
What's the brilliance of it?
^ The Great Old Ones were the deities from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. The story of Bloodborne and the "Great Ones" are heavily inspired by the works of Lovecraft, so "Old Great One" is brilliant in the fact that they managed to make a direct reference to his work.
I can't help but wonder how many people don't know how brilliant that really is.
You uh, wanna tell us why? I'm guessing it's something related to the Old One.
Using the term "eldritch" is also more or less a direct reference, since he's the only one to have used it in recent times
Is this certain to spawn?
Doesn't Great One Coldblood add 40k echoes? Thought this would be more.
g4th7i4p - 2 can be obtained on the 4th layer in the lever section here. Curse ritual is not required.

There is also a post here that says it requires no extra ritual stuff for 1 but I hadn't tried it yet.
Seems tgis can only be found layer 4, I just found 2 of these and a shade of yharnam enemy on a layer 4 dungeon, makes you wonder what other rare stuff you can find only on layer 4s.
3 can be found on this glyph 5p79t33t on layer 4 if anyone wants to farm them. The post is here about it including a video