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Weapon art needs some poise buff added to it to be useful. Right now it can be interrupted just by a sneeze from your opponent.
for what ive seen, at the beginning you have like no poise, but the longer it goes on for the more poise you have
This weapon actually drops off of regular Winged Knights, like the one you find leading up to Dragon Bridge.
Any good for a Hollow build?
Nothings good for a hollow build
Not since the patchcident
The heavy version at +10 is actually an A scaling in strength
what about sharp
The third L1 swing needs some hyper armor to be useful. Right now it's just there to get yourself countered by your opponent cause it's so damn slow.
just do L1 L1 (true combo), then hit R1 and L1 back and forth until you run out of stamina.

This prevents that useless third L1 double hit from happening.
These drop from either of the Winged Knights that wield them. One is in the tower between the Lothric Castle bonfire and the Dragon Barracks bonfire, and the other is one of the 3 ascended Winged Knights on top of the Archives. The 4 halberd wielding Winged Knights, including the two ascended ones on top of the Archives, cannot drop them, and will instead drop their halberds.
I have 60 DEX and 20 STR. Would it worthwhile to do a refined or a sharp?
probably not, refined is usually 40/40 you would be losing a lot more from downgrading the strength scaling than the benefit of adding the dex scaling.
At 40 str with an A scaling a heavy with just 40/12 would be optimal for AR
Really wish you could throw these like the winged knight who uses them does. That would be badass
agreed, the weapon art is basically useless outside stun locking someone in a group gank.
Are the L1's on this weapon parryable ?
Yes, but due to their awkward double hit, they person trying to parry must perfectly time either the first, or get hit once and try to parry the second.
Which one gives higher AR: 40/40 refined or 60/12 heavy?
40/40 refined -> 428 AR; 60/12 heavy -> 423 AR, so 40/40 refined is a bit better.