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Does it remove your buffs, too?
I tested with deep protection, magic barrier and lightning weapon. As far as I can tell anything already cast will not be removed.
It seems to temporarily disable buffs until the vow of silence effect has ended from what I've seen


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From my experience fighting Vilhelm, who will spam it if you have any magic, it does not end ongoing spells nor does it interrupt casts that finish after it is in effect.
This is fun in group PvP. Nothing like setting that up when you're against double casters and watching them cry after they lose.
Does it work the same with low intelligence?
This spell doesn't scale with anything. At all. So intelligence doesn't matter. Faith doesn't matter either, as long as you meet the requirement.
got salty hatemail during a noob sorcerer he said he was going to report me to Fromsoft never laughed so hard
the moment when they gona report about when using Fromsoft own created spell.... ok xD
Melee Faith builds in Arena should honestly utilize this more. Because brawls always come down to whoever has a damaging caster is going to win. This however will change that.
I realize it says in the info that the spell works on any sort of projectile, but i want to know if it stops Lothric's magic because i don't want to test it and look like an idiot if it doesn't. I know it doesn't stop the teleporting, but what about the magic in phase 2?
Look like an idiot once, get your question answered forever. (I'm not at that part of the game and don't have enough Faith anyway.)
No it doesn't. He is still able to teleport and use his sword WA. Would be nice if it did work. Of all the bosses, this one has no easy way to beat it.
Hey! Wasn't that a Velka miracle? Why is Londor now fumbling around with it? What's going on here??!!
Dark Souls lore is a brain-*****. If you want a persistent lore, go read The Elder Scrolls lore.
Anyone know if this silences allies? I'm not trying to ***** over any random faith/int builds that summon me in.
It silences everybody.
So be careful cause one of your allies might be a caster.
Ok, will do. Thank you.
I got so much salt for using this in the arena last night.
One dude pointed down the entire match and another dude stopped playing lol.
Well, if casters did something other than sit in the corner and sneak attack I wouldn't use this.

Moral of the story. If you're tired of casters, utilize this and put pressure on them.


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Made a hexer build and I love this
When someone cast this on my mage they don't even bother casting it again because i bet they get more annoyed by me when i'm with this than when i was able to cast spells, rolling for 15 seconds can actually be quite fun as you watch them failing to rollcatch you because I'm not one of those who just spam rolls.
Not to mention weapons are easier to pull off in pvp and i only use magic because it's fun, switching from a staff + scholar's candlestick combo to a parry toll + moonlight greatsword also lets me punish their "pressure" which is most times just noob r1 spam way easier than it would be with spells.
Ok so if you die without getting the flame it will be were she is spawned