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hi, I have a problem. Game starts only with knight class, And it cannot be changed. when I click "Class" nothing happens.


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You start the game with one class and it cannot be changed unless you start a new game
good nioh , good idea ;)
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Which starter is best for a Quality/faith build? Like, 40/40. I'd like to stop leveling at around 125/120.
Wishfully thinking, I'd like around 30 faith, realistically, I can only see myself reaching around 20 to 25.
I dont like quality hybrid builds, but choosing herald is a great choice for it. I recommend a strength and faith build, but ultimately herald is your best choice.
Faith users are at their best with 60 fth. Unless you just want to get the buffs in that case you should be ok. But you aint gonna be wrecking peeps eith miracles
Assassin is a great class because spook makes a lot of shortcuts for the game and you can get free backstabs on tough enemies. I recommend using your second attunement for hidden body and use scimitar and dagger and dumping points in dex and using sharp weapons.
I do best with tank in rpg games, and i choose knight in both dark souls 2 and 3, but if it's your first time playing dark souls better not to choose knight.
What? Knight is exactly the class you should pick if you're new to dark souls, lmfao.
What kind of idiotic statement is that? Knights are made for beginners to the series.
do you even lit the first bonfire?
Obvious troll is obvious

People say Knight is the best for a beginner is because they read that on Reddit or something and don't know any better.

Truth is that Assassin or Pyro is better for a new DS player since they can cheese their way through everything

Knight is a melee class for all of the early game, which requires skill to play correctly. Something a new DS player won't have
Yeah... not only its the best for starting but also it has best stat distributuin for min maxed pvp build aside for luck or pyro builds...
FROM should release an addon for having more saves. from 10 to 15 or 20. Only option now if you are out of saves is to make a second steam acc and to buy the complete game again. Or start deleting...
Or then you enable sharing Steam library with your two Steam account and you don't have to buy the game again :)
You could crate a second profile your computer, my brother and I use the same pc and are saves don't cross profiles


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Yes please! I hate to delete builds
Or just copy the save file >.>
Best Class is depraved. You can use straight swords off the bat, and for most most weapons that focus on only one stat (strength or dex primary builds), you only need a point or two in the stat your not focusing on. Plus it's low level allows you to tailor it faster. So generally, less wasted stat points. Unfortunately you get no gear for your build.


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No build I've ever created has had optimal level usage as deprived, and I've created a hell of alot of builds. You can test if for yourself on mugen monkey
It's deprived....
that isn't true I made a soul level 50 build and the recommended starting class is deprived
just started it yesterday
It depends what you want. If you don't want luck, vitality, intelligence, and/or faith, then go with classes that use less points. For example if you don't want luck or intelligence, you'd pick knight. Only 16 points towards those two stats, which gives you 4 points to put elsewhere, as opposed to a deprived which has 20 invested in the two.
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The class and the burial gift that you choose is visible in some menu?
In your Character Menu, you might have to toggle through it a few times but its there.