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I've tested. And it's increadibly bugged. The Crystal Chime makes me deal increadible damages, WAY MORE than the Caitha Chime that have 297spell buff and D - A A scaling at +5. I don't *****ing understand how they works.

If someone have an aswers i take it.
Smh sorceries and miracles cast with the crystal chime scale with BOTH int and fth. Miracles cast with caithas chime scale only with fth unless they are dark miracles. Spell buff is irrelevant
60/60 is great with the crystal chime
Saints chime?
No. Saint's Talisman. Learn to write Sentences and check the Wiki for advanced information before writing nonsense.
Canvas talisman, saint's talisman, sunless talisman, sunlight talisman, white hair talisman, and talisman are missing from this list.
They have their own list.
*cough*totally sacred chimes*cough*
whats the best chime for healing&buffing?

If you look at all the chime descriptions, Sacred Chine of Fillianore will give you the most range, so it's best for teams.
Yorshka's chime has the highest spell buff though.
Is there a Chime weapon like mace of the insolent? if not im not getting the game lol
Lol then your missing out
What is the best talisman or chime for a 60 faith damage build in terms of spell buff? Thanks in advance to anyone who answers would greatly appreciate it
Yorshka's Chime
I'd like to chime in...