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They are really resistant to bleeding with notched whip, crovian schyte and warden twinblades i was unable to apply bleeding to them (+3 weapons, 20 luck for now)
I was able to get him to bleed with 40 luck, corvian scythe, and carthus rouge. Still took like 8 hits or something though.


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Give me one reason why these fully armed, deadly, heavy knights would be sitting just chilling under the freakin roof of 500 metre cathedral!!!
To guard it.
These guys literally have infinite stamina. Two hand a Greatshield and you'll see.

Broken *** enemy. Drakekeepers 2.0. Then everyone whined about them and ignored these guys.
They're easy as Hell to backstab, not to mention the fact that their attack wind up takes a good amount of time, more than enough to dodge them.
"They're easy as Hell to backstab, not to mention the fact that their attack wind up takes a good amount of time, more than enough to dodge them."

...and? Sunlight spears can one shot them, a lightning dagger can do a one shot backstab. That's besides the point. They're literally bugged and have infinite stamina. That's the point, broken and garbage enemy.
Boulder Heave is hilarious against these jerks.
The knights in the Gallery are Consumed King's knights, not Cathedral knights, even though they have nearly the same drops. I suppose the cathedral knights are clad in red because of their allegiance to the church. As for the Consumed King's knights, I don't think they play the same role as their cathedral counterparts, Oceiros is an abomination, but not a monster from the deep. They don't chase intruders that are attracted by the repulsiveness of the Consumed King as the cathedral knights do, I think they simply protect their king and his garden. And, while the cathedral knights seemed to prevent deep abominations to escape, Oceiros is too demented to escape. This is not a theory, just a vibe I got with these guys.



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I am playing on the Xbox and I realized that they have two lock on points, is there any reason why?
These guys seem to have infinite stamina - two hand great sword, hack/slash AND kick without break. Jesus.
i don't think they cast Great Heal, I actually think more like Bountiful Sunlight. By the way it's coloured and the fact it gives them and other enemies passive regen. i think this is very interesting because we get Bountiful Sunlight from Rosaria's soul... this may indicate that they know of Rosaria and they serve her in way maybe but this is just speculation.
I do so love enemies that can buff stack a good 50% dmg reduction make their mace deal more dmg leave mines and heal them, and have the stamina of a god... ****ing steiroid users
Good thing almost every straight sword has a weapon art that can stagger their shield, and they can be parried. ;)