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Infinite! health lmao
Damn, Spyro the Dragon changed a lot since PS1.

At least I know where Activision banished him.
I believe the Farron swords do better than lightning, using just the farron great sword I got him past half (which I haven't managed to do at all since I started trying to beat him) and I believe it's best for a melee only build
Midir has ~22,500HP on NG+7 (±100HP)
Who knew Spyro would be in Dark souls?
lets just be happy is just him and not his dragon fly friend.
I've been using a luck/bleed build, but since he's immune to bleed I tried using Gold Pine instead of Rouge on my Twinblades.
The difference was beyond laughable. From 385 damage L1s to the head to 400 damage. That from a buff that claims 95 damage. It feels like he's less resistant to lightning as opposed to "weak" against it. Anybody tested Lightning infusion on twinblades? considering respeccing for the fight due to the bleed immunity...
50 FAI build with a lightning blade Sunlight Straight Sword did approx 380 AR two handed hitting Midir in the head with each hit. A 40/40 wolf knight greatsword +5 did approx 540 damage two handed. As a previous person said it appears he's not really weak to lightning all that much, just not resistant to it. He's definitely very weak against abyssal modifier though.
FWIW a Sharp Lothric Knight Greatsword with 59 dex / 30 str (SL120, rest of the attributes spread out) buffed with pine resin was hitting for around 500. When the resin ran out it almost halved, seems very useful against him.


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Well, I'm not sure how I managed to miss it, but now I know half the reason why Midir is so strong. He has a "Calamity" effect during his fight, so we take double damage. Thanks FromSoftware, that's a bit over the top.
That's the only way they can make bosses "hard" in DS3 you know.
NG+3 drops 253,125 souls :)


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This Boss, good lord. I hate it for one reason and its because 70% of the time you are running, 20% rolling, 5% hitting and 5% crying. Once Again the DragonSlayer's Greataxe shows its worth once again. On my Build with 50 Strength 35 Faith and lightning clutch ring this bad boy hit for 1300 when using the Falling Bolt Weapon Art if directly to the head. Boss was quite hard to learn at first, but after I got down the timing it was just a battle of not messing up and running and conserving stamina. I'd place as the second hardest boss behind Friede and probably my overall least enjoyable boss. Definitely paled in comparison all the other DLC bosses.
Mirdir is flawed but is still awesome. 2nd hardest boss in series behind orphan of kos. Hardest boss for me personally is still friede.