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you only need to kill one pax, if you let the first one shoot the "danger" thingies
"danger thingies"

The "Hardcore Kill" is chopping his arm off, you get MG Judge 2.0, the energy blade part has a more defined axe shape. You also get the black cerberus arms schematic.
If you let the PAX robot shoot the white Danger silos you prevent the boss from regaining health and other pax robots from spawning. Also if you cut his arm off you get v2 of the axe and a full set of his black armor.
Pretty sure the requirement for getting the full armor set + MG Judge V2.0 is:

1. Get the PAX to break both of the big white pillar things.
2. Finish off the boss by cutting off his right arm.

I got the full set and enhanced weapon by doing both of the above, but others seem to have only got the enhanced weapon and arm prints so I can only think the difference between those that got the full set and those that did not is whether they broke the white danger pillars as well as removing his right arm.
Did exactly this, got full set and v2.0 weapon.
Can confirm this. You need to do both for the full set and the v2 weapon.
Damnit, that's what I did wrong. I thought I was supposed to leave those undamaged for the hardcore kill. Hoh well, guess I'll get the full set on NG+.
How do you get the PAX to get to one side of the arena than shoot missiles? Also, how do you avoid the missiles?
Kite the PAX away from the tanks and actively doge the missiles? Well, the PAX has two behaviours that let him change it's position that I know of. The easiest way is to bait it to swing at you, as it will move towards you while doing so. However make sure to dodge backwards and this method might drain your heals. The other one is to stay under it and make it jump in the opposite way. That one is way more rng though. The missiles can be actively dodged. The first one of the salvo is a bit tricky timing wise, but getting knocked down by it seemed to make the 2nd missile pretty much guarantee hitting the tank.
I found the item right above the bossfight room, on the roof. How can I get it? http://imgur.com/a/f76Zx
The Armory Ventilation area leads to said item. which is a Vital Boost v.5 (or vital injection v.5, but i think it is actually the vital boost)
Wow i found the solution in a Walkthrough.

Go through the Security Door next to the Exo-Lift (which enters the Cerberus Bossfight).
Then just jump over the rail/fence on the right side.

But "The Armory Ventilation area leads to said item" Did help :) Thx
Killed the boss, got the upgraded weapon and armor set, game crashed right when I picked it all up. Only got to keep the helmet. Kill me. Please.
The phases are actually on a timer and do not have anything to do with boss %, so the boss can be killed in his first phase if you have a fast weapon and high impact.
This actually surprised me cuz I basically one shot the boss and I was like W.... T....F
Did you ever find a way up there? I ha e searched all over the place with no luck. The lift up there doesn't work