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When I used Great Magic Weapon( 123 spellbuff from Sorcerer Staff +3) + Bandit Dagger( +4), I killed the fire demon in about 30 seconds, lmao. Possible weakness to magic or dagger spam stronk?
Woops, Bandit knife*
pfft, i wiped it out in 15 using a dex build.,
All the demons are really weak to dark spells/pyros
You can use the Rapport pyromancy against this Demon (the magic which charms the enemy and making them a temporary ally), at least fir the one of the Catacombs of Carthus. Don't know if it works for the one of the Undead Settlement, but it should !
First time I used the Rapport pyromancy against this dude on ng +, I was so surprised it worked !
For me, it's the easiest way to kill him.
My English is very bad, hope everything I wrote makes sense.
English is fine, thanks for the report!
The one at Undead Set would be pointless as there's nothing there for it to fight.


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Clever loer video called "Bastard's Curse" describes this demon as a weapon sent to purify the undead settlement out of hollows. It seems to be doing a pretty good job.
"Skeletons will attack the Demon in Carthus"


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Discovered a potential glitch when fighting in the Catacombs. I ran over to the mimic to try to get him to use the fire trick, but he decided to run up the stairs to try and melee me instead. I think he's too tall for the walkway so he got stuck about halfway. I attacked him from range and occasionally he would become aggressive and charge at me, but if i took a step forward he would be pushed back to the same spot where he started glitching. Just rinse and repeat until he died. Any one else encounter/can replicate this?
Bludgeon is spelled wrong in the first strategy.
Love leading em into the skeletons and letting them butt***** em. Mimic vs the demon seems to be weird though. Both the mimic and demon seem to be able to just about one hit each other. Mimic with that spin kick, while the demon and the flame breath. Least from the times I was able to get them to fight.
I got him to destroy the bonfires around him by dodging his attacks when near one. But Seigward died. It could be part of the key to making him less “overheated”. Maybe this in combination with some sneaking and Rapport can make him friendly without Siegward dying. Maybe show up befor Seigward?