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This scared the bejesus out of me in the Cathedral
I fking hated fighting this at Anor Londo with all the knights and deacons around.
The antiquated dress is extremely effective against this guy's curses, and it's super cute!
FIERCE!! *strikes pose*


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I've a link to a video with a "stratgy" but i'm unsure if I'm allowed to post that here because I have seen things like "don't post links if you're not on *this* list" on the site before.


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Immune to Rapport


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That thing looks terrifying
Never new these were called Deep Accursed. The fact that theyre called that and look like enemies afflicted by the blood from Bloodborne gives credence to the theory that the age of the deep/ Gaels Nieces painting refer to Bloodborne
I shat my pants when the first one dropped right behind me in the Cathedral.
Looks like a leftover Bloodborne enemy