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I was invaded by a Darkspirit seilios in the Cathedral of the Deep in NG+.Cant find anything in the web about him.He was a *****ing Troll.
He was a player not an NPC.
Favorite NPC to fight?
Thorny the Horny, best chase with an npc I've ever had through an area.
Havel and Tsorig were some of my favorites although Havel isn't a phantom.
There was also a guy with the door shield in archdragon peak invading me. pretty troll npc invasion
That is not an NPC
I have a question: when a invader falls down in a abyss, is it possible to get loot the invader normally would drop??
If you quit and reload the game their drops should be somewhere around where they died or where they spawn in. Usually works for me. Just be sure they actually die and you get the souls before quitting to reload or you may have to fight them again.
To all my fellow pirates, if you want to fix the NPC invaders not showing up, locate the steam_emu file in your Dark Souls 3/Game folder and change Set Steam connection to offline mode from Offline=1 to Offline=0.
Thank you, my friend. You saved my current playthrough and my sanity. Because of you, I won't go hollow just yet.
...we are not worthy!
How do I do this?
I would also like to thank your frankness, though on the behalf of others. I already went through the pain in the *** of finding this out a while ago.



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Many thanks.
God bless you jesus *****ing christ
Thank you so much for this! However, at the latest 1.14 patch I keep getting the "failed to log in" message. It used to work when I still had the 1.09 patch. Any ideas
Thanks ! But, it's me or invaders are brutal as hell ?!
I'm the one who commented on the "failed to log in" message. After further testing it turns out that even if you get the "failed to log in" message you can still get invaded by NPCs as long as you did what OP said, setting Steam connection to offline mode from Offline=1 to Offline=0 on the steam_emu file.
> if you want to fix the NPC invaders not showing up
> Set Steam connection to offline mode from Offline=1 to Offline=0

didn't worked

PS. Hodrick still invades tho
Thanks, Still works on the current patch 1.14
I love you.
Just one question... If i'm yoohoo yoohoo'ing the game and I enable this, can i get in trouble? Yes, I'm a noob.
Invader drops are automatically added to your inventory.



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Are invading NPCs immune to environmental effects? Just got caught by Heysel in the Farron Keep swamp and, despite her chilling in the muck for a good three minutes, didn't seem to be taking any poison damage.
some are naturally immune were they spawn

Just very curious at something that just happen to me. I invaded some dude in the archives and for some reason I couldn't lock on! Only at really close ranges and he happened to have a fume ugs so he eventually pummeled me.

Is there any spell that could have limited my range? Or perhaps because we fought in the dark room after the first group of scholars?
Since I've spent the last 3 days invading solely in the Archives; yes, that specific room doesn't allow you to lock on, it sucks.
Do NPC invaders respawn indefinitely after killing them so long as you haven't killed the boss of the area?
Once you kill them, or kill the boss in that area, they're gone.
Got Heysel's gear from the man grub in Rosaria's Bedchamber even though I missed the invade...what gives?
Thank you so much man. Really thank you i was pulling out my hair in frustration because that ***** with the spiked armor didn't show up on my pirated version but now i get the armor. Thanks and have an amazing life <3.