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Moonlight Vortex CAN be parried, I got parried some time ago when I was still using MGS. It's powerful but somewhat predictable actually. Btw, DLC weapon arts are still missing on that "parry experiment" table
I know that Friede's Scythe WA is parryable. Watched Adam Barker pull it off multiple times. Trick is to time it so you're partying the real Scythe and not the magic one.


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There's an interesting thing thing I've found out when duelling with a friend. I was using Astora GS with Leo ring equipped, and we were trying to parry it's R2. Oddly enough, when he failed to parry with a caestus/parry dagger, I did my normal R2 damage (something like 423 or 493), BUT when he was trying to parry with Painting Guardian Sword (I believe this will hold true to all curved sword parries) and failed, it seems to have been counted as a counter-attack, since I did considerably more damage (something like ~630ish). Probably needs more testing, since we were just fooling around and he didn't have any curved sword besides PGS and Scimitar (it worked this way with Scimitar as well).
I have a question that i feel like is obvious. I was parried by a guy while invading, and he did a critical hit with a demon's great axe, but he hit me 3 times with it and took off over half of my health. How do you do that?
He was wearing the Hornet Ring, it increases damage and in some cases changes the animation.
Hornet ring. You find it in untended graves after Champion gundyr fight
Thanks guys :)
I would like to note, because this is something you find in patch notes or anywhere else on the web it seems

Prior to the pre-Ariandel patch, it was possible to completely eliminate parries from your enemies arsenal. You needed only 30+ poise to do this. If you were in ng+ you could acquire the wolfs ring, making it only necessary to carry 25+ poise worth of armor.

This is knowledge I kept to myself and my one friend who helped me discover this, but since the new patch eliminates this, there is no longer any need

I liked that there was a way to completely eliminate parries and ripostes, but "working as it should" even after they changed it seems like a load of bull from the from-soft

I love the game, and parries and nearly as deadly to me as they once were, in fact i'm getting more on others then are had on me these days. Still, it was a nice hidden addition to pvp that they have since ruined

Just thought I would share
Lorian CAN be parried without taking damage, just like normal. My favorite two ways of fighting him are "caestus + bandit's knife" and "caestus + zweihander" so I know for sure that you can parry him without taking damage in both phases.
When you time your parry badly, you take damage and the enemy does not go into riposte animation. However, the damage taken is less than normal. Does anyone know exactly how much the damage is reduced and if this is affected by the shield/weapon you are using?
I want to say it's based on the block stats of the shield or weapon, but I'm just taking a jab in the dark.
It's called a partial parry you should be glad it exists
i believe the damage taken is halfway between the blocking chip damage and the full damage. its affected by the absorption of the parry tool. however, more worrying is that the partial parry will ***** your stamina into the negatives and guarantee eating*****
I should be glad that partial parries exist? If it didn't take all your stamina when it happened, I might be inclined to agree, but as it stands, it inflicts far too much penalty to the player. It drains so much stamina that it usually guarantees that any follow up attacks will absolutely land, thus meaning that any reduction of damage is completely negated, and that the player is penalized twice for attempting a parry. Maybe it's that I'm in NG++, but I'm trying to get better at parrying, and partial parries are worse than completely missing a parry and getting smacked in the face, and that seems counter intuitive.
Hi everyone,

It is said that "Only horizontal UGS" cannot be parried (confirmed with Astora GS => Ok for me). It sounds strange to me.... I've only doing some real pvp experiments, and it seems that the black knight UGS and Greatsword (UGS too) (which are vertical UGS) cannot be parried when 2 handed (R1 & R2 charged or not). Can someone confirm that please? Thanks!
all UGS GREATAXE greathammer 2H R1 and R2 cant be matter horizontal or vertical
Warden Twinblades and Shotel are not on the list, but can parry in the left hand.
So today I was testing different shields and it appears that (with the exception of buckler and target shield etc) all other shields have the exact same parry animation and frames. I mean exactly the same, from small shields to the heavy knight shields.

When did this change occur? When DS3 came out the knight shields were completely useless with how terrible their parry frames were. Is this recent?
whoever can kill sister friede only using parry, should be crowned as king of dark soul
It really isn't as hard as you think. Actually her first phase is predictable enough that you can parry her from her opening attack until phase two without missing if she never rngs the hold. After getting up from a riposte, she will often try to do a swinging backstep into invisibility. This attack can be parried. In phase two you can parry her ice carpet move that she spams the entire time. Phase three is the tricky part, as most of her stuff cannot be parried or at least probably kills you if you miss. I hope this information is helpful for your buckler only run.
Nah, whoever can kill Midir with only parries is the king of Dark Souls.