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hello there guys... so basically i finished dark souls again... LOL my question is... HOW CAN I GET THE PECULLIAR DOLL??????
Its in the cell you start in, it appears
when you go back to the asylum
I have internet connection than it show unable to connect with server.why?
Hey all my Darksouls loving friends! I have a school assignment in statistics and I have a question for you! How many hours do you sexy people play every day? thank you for your cooperation
Depends on if I have to do anything else. Days where I'm free I tend to play 6 to 7 hours
3-4 xD
2-12 h
Hi, I have a lil problem with running my Dark souls 1 Prepare to die ... I downloaded and succesfully installed all PC port programs but when I start to play my game open normal in full screen ... but 75% of screen is black and only a lil piece on upper left side is normal. Can U help me guys?
Hello guys! I need help on The Rock, you know, that captain of Gwynn's knights? I'm on Xbox 360, my player card is Narcol3pt1k. I'm right in front of his tower in dark root grove.
(Xbox) So I messed up in patches and now I can't get the canvas talisman and cleric armor would anyone be willing to drop it for me I'm lvl 122 GT:MrManiac817 thanks
Who needs help fighting Quelaag?
Shield:Grass Crest and Dragon Crest
Can someone help me fight r on xbox one? Gamertag: iDutchJustin
Can someone please help me with midir? Xbox one gamertag: iDutchJustin