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the weapon art is hot garbage
like seriously it should at least track your lock-on target
everyone just dodges it even when I bait them into it
Have u ever try Dark arrow dude?
Hey that u call me dumb when u're too dumb to know how Dark Arrow works
Lolololololololololololololol what a noob
"have you ever tried dark arrows" dumbest words ever.

Who the ***** uses dark arrows? these *****s are worse than wooden arrows.
You must be terrible at baiting people.
Darl arrows have homing ability. With triple shot, you basically shot 3 seeking arrows at once. And at close range with large arrows against large bosses it deals massive damage
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I used the stance with fire arrow to kill the giant worm from the safe place near the Old Demon King boss gate and took out 600+ hp per shot. The worm died very quickly. I also make use the homing of dark arrows, as long as you are not too far or too close, you can snipe your enemies with the stance and all three arrows will hit and deal massive damage.
You can let the giant ballista kill the worm easy by chillin behind some rocks.
It may be useful-ish in PvE but is pretty arbitrary in PvP, piercing shot is just better.


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Spelling mistake on wiki "compariosn"
The weapon art is situational, but I have found it excellent in co-op because when a boss is distracted, you can move in for some triple shot burst damage then retreat and let's not forget how hard this destroys anything that is bigger than you lol


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I believe this bow has the fastest firing speed out of any normal bow (Rapid Fire weapon art doesn't count). Can anyone back me up on this? Also, for people wondering how to use Pharis Triple Shot, you're supposed to use it with Dark Arrows, this is the only way the arrows will track instead of just going in three separate directions.
Agreed, this bow shoots faster, presumably only slightly but due to the quicker set up animation.
The bow's weapon art has extraordinary relation with Dark arrows. Normally the Triple Shot would just cause 3 arrows to move out in a cone shape in front of you. But I have just noticed that if you Triple Shoot using dark arrows, all three BEND from the cone path, CONVERGE at at a point ahead of you, and then move out conically again. This is a unique interaction with the weapon art, hinted at by the descriptions of both Pharis Bow and Dark Arrows. Not sure if it's a glitch, but it should certainly be added in the wiki.
I noticed this too, I could see this being very useful for invasions etc, if you can get the range right
I guess it has to deal with the fact that the name of the bow is BLACK Bow of Pharis.
If you don't have a strong ranged weapon, (( or are just to lazy to get one.)) you can lure the elder gurus to the white birch tree and the giant can take them out for you.
thats what I love about Dark Souls. the little details.
Wait but thats in another area?
Unless you've killed the giant already as I did on my 2nd character and found out he drops the hawk ring
Interesting thing, if you use dark arrows with the weapon art, the arrows have more of a homing ability instead of just 3 different ways
The weapon art sounds like a good thing for a Legolas cosplay. Any suggestions for other equipment for one?
Sellsword twinblades
Dark arrows track your opponents, so the weapon art gets pretty useful with that.
That's the only reason why they follow the target, IT'S NOT SOME "OH, THEY HAVE THE WORDS "BLACK" AND "DARK", SO THAT'S WHY IT HAPPENS".
The black-dark thing is just a coincidence.
Darkness seeks life.