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Ridiculous, the downside of these mods far outweighs the benefit they offer why would I gimp myself for such mediocre bonuses.
I agree, completely useless until you get that perk that reduces the negative effect by 50%. And even then some of the mods are still garbage.
as a Boitic/vanguard there are a few here that are EXTREMELY good, even without the perk:
HP for Shield, yes please! - Power recharge for weapondmg.. why not? spam powers all day long! - As a melee focused vanguard - 30%meleedmg is a very precious one, since the sources are very limited.
Same here. Vanguard using Piranha and Asari Sword. Especially after getting the perk for halved negative effects, almost all fusion mods make at least some sense. I usually run either battering or shielding or rapid deployment, but they all come I'm handy.
Fusion Mod of Rupture + Isharay Sniper + Bioconverter is OP AS HELL

so a single fire sniper is lame but you put bio converter on it(5% of health used on empty clip to refill the clip) and with cora using her shield boost with healing to cover the health you lose it's quite powerful
Barely every mod can be great in some situations. Except for Mod of Health (shields is better than health) and Mod of Hovering (I hardly imagine who needs hovering for such a long time if not for dealing weapon damage).
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