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Cohh Killed Him
Lol Yup But Even So I Feel A Weapon Is Better Than A V.3 Heal When You Get Like 4 V.5 Heals Later Anyways


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When and how?
Does he drop a weapon if you kill him at the beginning?
He does not drop anything. I also killed him just to see what happens.
No i killed him just because he looks like a *****. nothing happened he just died.
Lost out on a vital injection v.3 I did to it sucks
what happand if i dont give him the injector? any1 have some info???
i had a point were i couldn't talk to him so did i fail his quest line ?
Yeah I can't talk to him, but I just got the botecs power core
I went back to Production B's OPS as soon as I got his "medecine", but while the 'talk' option appears, triggering it doesn't activate any dialogue (possible bug ???) I'll get back there later.
Sigh...do we really need these quests in 2017? I mean, it's just stupid - you either make him crazy or dead. Why can't you hook him up to the medbay and fix his addiction? I hate forced drama SO much and it's everywhere nowadays.
Though this is supposed to be a grimdark dystopian setting, I have to agree that it seems way too forcibly dramatized.
When you try to give Davey the Modaxinol Injector that stupid ***** sally starts talking and you can't talk to him again. Just leave the area and go back to ops to continue