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What platform and what version (or approx when) did you test the Bandit Greateaxe thing in?
Can someone help me? I want to powerstance two Maces and I have 18 Str and 8 Dex, but when I press Y to go into the powerstance, it just two hands one Mace. Please, help.
What about rapiers


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You have to hold the button to power stance
Needs the Majestic Greatsword's powerstance if wielded in the left
Rapiers are thrusting swords m9
but where do i learn the basics???
I'd really like to know that too.
It's at the beginning in brackets.
150 hours into this MFing game and I'm just now learning that Power Stance exists. FML.

I appreciate the whole 'obtuse and figure it out yourself' style of FromSoft games, but for *****s sake, guys, gimme a little heads up I shouldn't have to go to a wiki to learn basics.



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One of the easiest weapon classes to start off with in powerstancing is daggers. Maybe one of the most complicated or difficult weapons to powerstance is lances. Yes...power stanced lances (i'm about 90% sure it's possible). Anyways powerstancing daggers is fun and effective if you know how to use them right (and how to use your character). You can roleplay as an assassin too to make it a little more fun. If you infuse your daggers you can become pretty op against the right enemies (infusing them with bleed or poison is ideal. Or go crazy with it and infuse one dagger with bleed and the other with poison). Also there's a dagger that's actually a boss weapon (and it inflicts toxic, not just regular poison).
It would be helpful wiki, if you explain how to do a power stance on the power stance page along with the limitations and restrictions. I wasted like thirty minutes looking up valid info on what BUTTON i had to press to do a freakin' power stance because this page failed to inform. I mean, c'mon. The headline even says, "All You Need to Know" !
Not sure if it was there when you made this comment but it sais that in the 2nd sentence
Trash article, its thr basics for what we came for, go write your elitist guides somewhere else
lmfao cant be bjorked to read a simple article, talk about dumb
"All You Need to Know about the Power Stance [...] I'll skip over the basics"

WTF? This is not a random blog post, this is a wiki about DS2.