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NG+4 is 168750
is it also weak to the wolf knight great sword?
doubt it, wolf knight greatsword is effective against creatures of the abyss, after all.
This is a demonic enemy, not abyssal. Wolf Knight GS won't get its bonus. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure demons and abyssal enemies are mutually exclusive.
They are indeed only black knight weapons do bonus damage to demons
is it me or did both forms have suddenly received an immense boost in their defence?
cuz i passed from NG7 to 8 and their now literal hammer sponges while NG7 was more "normal"
nevermind, black knight great axe solved this... i guess?
Absolutely BS boss. I run out of 9 ashen estus on my lightning character before I even kill it. Even shotgunning sunlight spears only deal ~500 damage on the prince phase when it seems like he has 15k HP
I wonder why boss resistant to lightning didn't take much damage from lightning... Should've used Dorhys' Gnawing.
How dare a boss be resistant to your particular tactic?!
I'm pretty sure you'll need to use an actual weapon. He takes 50% less damage than the preceding demons, so his health bar will last longer than your FP.
Dragonhead Greatshield does wonders on this boss fight.
So does the Black Iron Greatsheild and Black knight shield
Im a pyro and i cant beat him


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use dorhys' gnawing
After fighting this boss using Dorhys' Gnawing on both my pyromancer (40 INT/40 FTH) and Buffblade (40 DEX/60 FTH) on NG, he does not bleed with two casts. It takes three. At least for me it did both times.
Have anyone noticed that this fight takes place in a place similar to firelink from dks 1 ?
Thats exactly where it is
This and the Demon Bros page really need be combined. Right now, it's like having separate boss pages for Sister Friede and Blackflame Elfriede.


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A good combo for the first phase is Dragon Slayers Greataxe + Lightning Clutch Ring + Hornet Ring, if you run far left to the left of the area with fog wall you can dodge the first demons jump and follow it up with a quick light attack, then about 3 weapon arts from the DSGa will stagger him and then a repost will finish him (Note: this won't work if you have phantoms as they will have more health and will not stagger as fast.), This can be done well before the second demon starts attacking you close up. Once the first one is dead the second one is easy. You could take him out the same way, but its easy enough to just take him out with normal hits.
For the second phase just learn the attacks and the DSGa Weapon Art can still hit very hard, but won't stagger as fast.