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Finally beat him. Blacksky Eye and threaded cane in whip form did the trick. Punished his aoe attacks with viscerals, then ran like a chicken with my head cut off in last phase and sniped him when I could.
i finally beat him for the first time on new game plus with the blades of mercy with 30 skill
i am level 120 and it was hard as hell it took me 20 attempts
Cleric Beast, Gascoigne, Blood-Starved Beast, Amelia, all of the beast-type bosses give me more trouble than anything else in the game (except the Orphan of course... Orphan of Kos... punny). I know what my problem is, that they're incredibly aggressive and countering them is a gamble, I just can't keep up. Non-stop attacks with wide ranges have always been my bane in melee-oriented combat games. And now I find out this guy has a phase 2 that I can't get to which is my other weakness, "walking-is-my-main-attack"... ***** me, man. I don't think I'll ever get that rune.
Keep trying and never give up! You are a hunter!! And you will hunt and slaughter your prey, for as long as your dream!!!
I don't know of anyone has mentioned or noticed this, but where you fight Laurence isn't the Grand Cathedral.
It is the Grand Cathedral just in the Nightmare making it the Nightmare variant.
So if what you're noticing is what I'm noticing, it doesn't have the balcony on top that would lead to Ebrietas. However, it does still have the ramp of amygdalan statues, and plenty of other things in common with the Grand Cathedral. The thing to keep in mind is that the Hunter's Nightmare in general is a sort of stream of conscious of memories. Nothing leads how it ordinarily would into anything else. The tomb blocking Old Yharnam instead leads to the Central Yharnam sewers. What should lead to the cathedral before Yahar'gul instead leads to a river of blood. This is an abstracted world, and things are connected based on how they're experienced in a hunter's memory, not based on how they actually are.

It even makes sense, when you think about it, that if a hunter had never noticed the path leading to Ebrietas, it wouldn't appear in his nightmare.
I really like this boss, and I feel like he's an excellent how-to for a soulsborne boss copy. First phase uses familiar movements, but with a new element in the mix (the fire AoE). Second phase still largely has familiar movements, but with some new moves mixed in there, and still with the fire AoE. And then the third phase is completely new.

However, I really hate how his lava staggers. I get that lava is really deadly, but I'd rather have it deal extremely high damage with no stagger than the current weird stagger locking that it does.
This Lord of Cinder is pretty far from Lothric...
Anyone else not getting any insight for discovering him?
Why does it have to have such a bull*****2 shot attack...
He does insane damage coupled with the fact that the boss room he's in enable so him to trap you spelling certain doom for you makes this my least favorite boss in Bloodborne, second being Cleric Beast for obvious reasons.
I hated this boss for his crawling stage. Took me a good three tries to beat him. Cleric beast, though? I eat that scrub for breakfast.