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So does storm ruler's weapon art actually damage anything else other than yhorm? I've tried it during PvP, PvE, and it'd be total crappola if FromSoft just made this one weapon hurt one specific boss.
I tested last night and it appears to just do the same damage as a normal R1/RB attack unfortunately. I suppose it'd be a bit overpowered if it worked everywhere.
Yeah... it'd be so overpowered if the weapon art did extra damage and range or, god forgive, the little explosion effect that shows when you hit yhorm. You only have to hold the weapon art for more than a full second to loudly charge it, let alone the super quick century-long windup before releasing the WA. We don't want a greatsword to be able to do a decent amount of damage and cool effect.

That would almost be as rediculous as giving players paired ultra-greatswords that stagger other players with not only each hit of the combo, but each step the paired-sword-user takes durring the attack animations... then making it have so much hyper-armor that only like 4 weapons could even hope to interrupt the undodgable combo
i dont know why but when joining a coop the charged atack against yorm did only 200 dmg like wtf
it is necessary to EXACTLY hit the head with the WA to deal the full damage when helping others. what is for some reason way more harder than in fighting him in your world. that is causing the problem.
"Contrary to its description, neither its skill or regular attacks do extra damage to regular giants. This is most likely due to the fact that Yhorm resembles the giants from Dark Souls 2, which are different from the aforementioned giants that come from Dark Souls 1."

You know Yhorm has a face right?
Giants in DS2 also had a face in an earlier trailer of DS2. There's also a picture where you can see one of their faces and they resemble Yhorms. Same face was in the earlier trailer.
So I'm guessing the butthole Giants are hollowed or something else strange.
So they put a weapon in game that's super powerful against on boss (and even though the description states Giant-s- ...*****ing plural... it only works on the one, including in the DLC), and is completely useless otherwise. It's just a mediocre greatsword with a super long windup to use its unique weapon art that gives it extra range (almost as much as the fume UGS wow!) and.... wait...

is this just the *****ing pendant v2 electric boogaloo? a useless a1ddition to the game to waste players time so the devs can laugh at us?
The entire thing doesn't work for me anymore. I can charge the weapon, but not unleash it. I havent played DS3 in ages, but it used to be hold L2 to charge, press L2 again to unleash. Did it change?
on ps4 hold L2 to charge and while still holding L2 press R1 to use the WA
I just used the stormruler too and watched older vids. From nerfed the charge animation (again without any words) - I released always too early - and I thought - that slow? not 4-5 months ago!
I used this in pvp just now, it's a slightly weaker greatsword, and the wa can catch a few people, remember to charge it before you gesture/start fighting.
Overall it's not as good as the others, but it's fun to feel like you have a weapon of your own because no-one else uses it.
Oh and hitting with the blade and the wind of the wa can deal quite alot of damage, just watch out for the insane stamina drain and openness to backstabs.
A bonus is that no-one can say you're tryharding.
For extra trolling use dragon stones aswell
Looks like the table for the damage on this thing is a little outdated. At +5, it's now 280 base damage, 485 with 40/40 Str/Dex. Still not fantastic, but not horrible either.

It has the same moveset as the Executioner's Greatsword. Outside the boss fight, its Weapon Art is essentially Stance with the same follow ups and can charge for a semi-ranged attack that does about around 2.5x damage at 2.5x it's regular range. Interestingly, the charge stays until you use the Weapon Art and persists even after using a bonfire. It's actually pretty fun to do a Storm Ruler-only run, whacking people with a tornado sword, so even if it's not top tier, it's definitely a viable and interesting weapon.
I don't mind doing a Saber cosplay, but the 10 durability is so stupid.
Anyone found a method to dispose of the extra copies? I learned too late its not able to be discarded/sold and got 4 copies.
The OCD in me is really wanting these weapons out from my inventory and storage.
I dont mind if I will get banned by the method cause I really dont mind playing offline.
Thanks in advance.
Yes, here's what you do: don't pick them up.
Well, the thing is that there's 2 sources of storm rulers, meaning you can even get 2 more cluttering things up per run. The one is fine and easy to avoid by NG+, but if you want to pick up siegward's armor afterwards and actually ever have catarina armor between the point in which you get it from patches and the point where you give it back to siegward, you're gettin' at least 1 storm ruler per run. So 2 on NG, one extra for every run, now by the time you reach NG+7 you've got what, 8 of them chilling in your item box? 9? That's a little absurd. They should really have made it such that maybe after beating yhorm an NPC is triggered who will offer to give you something piddly in exchange for your storm ruler or w/e, because the whole thing seems a bit...unpolished.
You don't mind getting banned? Wow, you really hate Stormrulers.
You could use the discard item option or you could leave it in someone elses world by using the leave item option when invading or being summoned (to do either one open inventory then select the weapon then select the option)
Okay, so I just picked up the stormruler after union bro died. So far favorite weapon, but super low durability. Any suggestions for similar weapons?
If you like it for the weapon art, just carry some repair powders with you. If you like the moveset, pretty much any greatsword will do
Use the tailbone spear. It has a better version of the weapon art, more range, durability, and it looks *****ing nito. You won't be disappointed.
The damage at +5 seems to be 280 Physical now, still C D scaling.