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This has a S in dex When infused Jesus Christ what are they thinking that is nasty but in a good way
Um, I think the upgrade table needs to be updated, because I've sent my lothric knight sword down the chaos upgrade path and I'm getting an A rank in scaling with intelligence and faith at +7.
Now scales S in Sharp and Blessed.
A quick question: for dex/faith build, which infusion is better, sharp or lightning ?
use sharp and buff with lightning blade
I put a lightning gem on it with my 40/40 dex/faith build so I dont have to buff it, still get 488 AR and does great backstab damage with that 110 crit.
update: sharp +4 now A scaled from dex
What's better for a dex/Pyro build? The lothric knight sword or lothric knight spear?
Sword by far. Unfortunately straight swords and curved swords are overall THE best weapon classes in the game by far. Spears are up there but sadly the "pike/long spear" types, which the lothric knight spear falls under, are slower and leave you wider open to backstabs etc.. especially with the weapon art and R2 hits. The Lothric Knight Spear is a GREAT weapon for PVE if you use it right, but for PVP the Sword will always be better just due to how the game works.
Demon Scar.
This thing has S scaling with Sharp at +10 now, with 70 Dex and 20 Str has 454 AR 1h, holy ****!!! Thats exactly the same as the Chaos Blade with the same lvl of Dex! On a Straight Sword! WTF were they thinking!!!
Most people don't have 70 Dex and 20 Strength dude.
They do now, sharp infusions got buffed as hell
who the ***** has 70/20 dex/str
You guys are idiots lmfao. 70-80 dex builds are in meta territory now, every dedicated dex build has at least 70 dex.
Yep is pretty OP now
this is the sword on the blades of the darkmoon covenant pendant
It has an A class rating in dexterity when infused with a sharp gem. I can come back when I'm on my PC and post a screenshot, but I think enough people know this to warrant a correction.
It's S-Dex scaling now with Sharp infusion; just got it to +10.
table needs to be updated; it actually has has E str scaling and S dex scaling at +10
Only with Sharp infusion.