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Would this weapon be better suited for a dex build or a str build?
Either works, they are pretty equal.
Depends on if ur two-handing or one-handing it, strength gives a higher AR bonus when wielding a weapon with both hands.
It increases poise on a weapon that doesn't have hyper armor, that makes sense...(sarcasm)
WA has
All weapons have poise frames. Some weapons like ultras have much more poise health so its more noticeable.
Heavy lkl spear + dmb + leo ring = two r1 counter instakill... beautiful weapon
Just tried it, and I'm only getting 5 poise from it.


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Ever heard of diminishing returns?
its working for me
>People still thinking poise matters
It's more like active poise than just passive poise. Like you can beat a person's poise if they have the same greatsword as you (Or whatever weapon) if you have more poise than they do. Because if you can't swing your weapon without hyperarmor then you should stick to weapons with no hyperarmor

I mean this is just through experience and I can't really prove it so rip
Just farmed two of them on a new character to see if the poise passive would stack, and sadly, it does not.
Blessed Lothric Long Spear +9 have S scaling in faith. If I were to switch to Lightning, it would be A scaling faith. Don't know if +10 lightning is S scaling, since the chart on blessed was wrong. Holding onto my slabs for now.
Blood and Poison stats are incorrect
It has a D, A scaling at +10 with a sharp infusion now