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This spell is absolut killer against Nameless King! Wrecked him completely in under 30 seconds!
Haven't seen anyone mention it, but doesn't this spell look kind of like the humanity sprites found in the abyss? Which is weird because from what i understand the deep and the abyss aren't the same thing or place. Maybe "soul dregs" are humanity sprites and "great soul dregs" are humanity sprites that have stewed in the deep? Like, the humanity sprites were taken out of people and sunk down into the deep where they stewed into this spell? Hell, maybe the "human dregs" that you give McDonnell have the humanity in them, are dropped down into the deep and then later end up as this?
From what I understand, the "dregs" of humanity are the scraps of it that are the heaviest and fall into the Deep. Dark and humanity go hand in hand , after all.
Assuming that each human has a piece of the dark soul in them that is their own personal soul, are you saying that "human dregs" are the heaviest part of each person's dark soul shard that fall into the deep? Or maybe the "human dregs" are the dark soul shards themselves rather than a piece of the shard that is somehow "heavier" than its other parts? If that IS the case, then we're giving dark soul shards to McDonnell where they're then being dropped down into the deep and later becoming this spell.



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Practically all Dark Spells share that aesthetic. It's most obvious with something like Affinity. The Deep seems to be at least tangentially related to the Abyss, which is especially apparent with the Murkmen Sorcerers who turn into massive Deep Soul monstrosities that very distinctively resemble the old Humanity Sprites from Oolacile, only with arms and an aversion to walls.
Shut up, nerd
-ignoring the "shut up, nerd" idiot- I've got to play the ringed city dlc, i'm sure there're a few more nuggets of lore to be found. Maybe i'll get on youtube. @The5lacker: From what i've seen, the only thing connecting the deep and the abyss is that they share dark damage. I speculated in the OP that maybe the reason the spells look alike to humanity sprites is because we're actually tossing humanity, or dark soul shards, down into the deep when we give human dregs to Archdeacon Mcdonnell, this could be a possible reason for the similarities between the deep and the abyss. I saw a video on youtube about the balcony with the evangelist in the cathedral of the deep that looks out on this lake of black water, the idea was that the deep is actually that physical location and that the black water IS the deep and that the cathedral was built around it. It was pretty interesting, but i can't remember who the video was by.
Humanity *is* Dark.

When the Lord Souls were found, Manus found the last one - the Dark Soul, thus becoming the first pygmy lord. As he did, he shared his soul with other Hollows and pygmies, creating what was to be known as Humanity.

Humanity is born of the Dark, and as such mankind is drawn to the Dark - because Humanity *is* Dark. Each man has a bit of Dark within them.

So it's only natural that spells of Dark take on a form not unlike humanity itself.
This spell is amazing and worths a hex build by itself, but i'm pretty sure it'll be nerfed. This completely DESTROYS some bosses. I've seen people obliterating the dancer on NG3 with this spell. It also makes nameless king pretty easy.
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They might've been thinking "dark spells need something that isn't ****". I mean, it honestly isn't any worse than Dorhy's Gnawing spam against bosses, and in some cases Gnawing is actually stronger.
Are people seriously having problems with this spell? I haven't been hit by it once... It's literally as simple as dodging at the right time or running in an arch... Pointless for it to hit high if it doesn't hit...
It's so slow it's hard to think anyone would cast it in pvp. Well 1v1 at least.
It's because it speeds up unlike most other spells so it might be harder to predict when it strikes.
At first it's slow and homing and in the end its high speed projectile. First it aims and then accelerates to enormous speeds.
Woah! No long rant about how bad or OP this spell is. That's a first for any high damaging spell!
This isn't getting nerfed imho
That's kind of the point of the whole DLC thing.. we give the devs more cash and in return we get +3 rings, effective armor pieces, and OP dope *** spells that wreck poor *** that can't buy it or aren't used to fighting it.
Your cool............



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I'm happy to give the devs cash to expand this game even further. Fix some of the covenants, add more items, create more DLC
Guy hides behind a dude with magic shield on a havel shield and shoots these things at me through a narrow hallway essentially *****ed. Havel guy randomly sometimes wrath of gods to keep me away. Iron fleshed myself to push through almost killed caster but then got wrathed just a little too much...


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The animation is why I love using this as a Sorcerer. LOL
Does anyone wonder what it would actually feel like to get hit by this? Or most other sorcerers for that matter.
From what I can surmise from combining all the descriptions, it would feel like being hit by a Mac Truck at 90MPH.

Dark sorcery is basically human emotion condensed into a singularity and that much power released all at once would be basically a physical hit.