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The effect does NOT stack, but Yes, it can stack with rings that steal health, also I need someone to give me 9 Wolf Blood Sword grass, it takes too long to invade someone as a watchdog of farron for me.
You cant drop covenant items...
You are quite wrong about that. Just from 30 seconds of testing I did in the crucifixion woods on the small crabs, with the right eye ring on and off, I can easily see that having both the ring and the sword equipped gives a larger boost in damage than the sword alone.

AR while two handing the OWCS (w)with and (w/o)without the ring:
0 hits (w)473 (w/o)473
2 hits (w)512 (w/o)497
4 hits (w)574 (w/o)521
Please don't spread misinformation.
Lol claims it don't stack yet doesn't even have the damn weapon.
I do have the weapon NOW, and it is honestly***** because it needs 6 consecutive hits on an enemy. It needs to steal health on kill too, I already have it at +3.
"Lol cmaims it don't stack yet doesn't even have the damn weapon." Dude, have you heard of youtube, and searching up "DS3 Maximum health stolen in a single hit"?
I didn't say it couldn't stack with the pontiff rings, or any other rings.

@Fromsoft, pls buff the Old Wolf Curved sword.
The weapon is quite viable actually, even in pvp. The six consecutive hits to gain hp won't proc all that often unless you're rather aggressive and good at being so but it's still entirely possible to get in pvp, just don't rely on it happening. If you want to rely on constantly gaining HP in combat you should try a regen build instead, plenty of guides on those exist. This sword's main strength is that so long as you land even moderately consistant hits you can maintain a decent self damage buff. This combined with the slight hyper armor and decent range you get with its moveset can make the weapon very powerful when you're used to using it
While 2 handed can it be parried? Got a build idea and 1 more atribute reset. I love this weapon so much but is it worth tradeing in my cathredral great sword?
Only it's R2 can't be parried.
Did you know the charched 2H r2 combos into L2 R2
Would anyone be willing to trade me this sword? I can offer up the moonlight greatsword for it if you like. I'd appreciate it!
What system?
Lol, that's such a trash trade, offer a covenant item or ***** off
Is power of it's buff connected with upgrading of this weapon?
Cannot get summoned by covenant does no one play in farron? Anyone willing to trade old wolf curved sword on ps4 add me Spearman1337
Just farm the Ghrus near the Keep Ruins bonfire.
From what I've experienced, you can get more summons around level 30 with +2 or +3 weapons.
Anyone willing to trade this sword?
I would like to trade for this sword. I would be willing to offer my moonlight greatsword my gamertag on Xbox is DarthBatman89, please message if interested.
A weapon you can get every NG cycle vs a weapon that you can get once per game with covenant items from an auto summon covenant? Yeah, good luck with that lmao, offer a darkmoon rimg instead.
Does it have 20% bonus vs. abyssal, as other Farron weapons?
Pretty sure I read somewhere that it does, yeah.
I don't know why anyone would trade this sword. It looks awesome, it's got great buffs, a unique multistage WA, and pretty good scaling if one were to make a quality build. It's is hilariously overpowered against the Deacons of the Deep.



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To be fair, any weapon is overpowered against the Deacons