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Currently level 23 on PS4.
Add me if you want to play. ThatGuyStan96
sl 61 bleed build
sl 112 pyro/str
psn: drew1134
Anyone still playing on PC? I'm level 100 and am finding it tough to even get summoned as a sun bro, or a blade of the dark moon
There are still a good handful of people playing. Check steamcharts if you're ever in doubt.
Yeah tons of people, you're just in a dead zone tbh. Low levels and meta level have TONS of people - I mean signs, summons, and invasions. Even the way high up there levels (150+) have some people playing, but the 100 area is a pretty strange place to stay.
Psn: Unkindled Hunter SL 120 Demon Fist Build, switching to glass cannon soon.
Hey guys lets set up a password system for pve and pvp because i find it annoying that i need to be supper carefull with my lv and weapon lv or ill have to play solo the whole game. So how about it i think Co-Op for pve and PvP for fight clubs reply yes or no if your agree or dissagree if there is enough people agree them maybe it will work.
Yes agreed
Surely agreed, but its FromSoftware's fault they didnt implement a Invasion / PvP Range Setting where you can choose at what level you want to invade, and downscaled. This way we HAVE to make PvP Characters for Lvl 120-150 (Meta Range) or even SL20 for Noob Invasions. Its just like it is, sadly. Get a character at Level 120 for Pontiff PvP and Duels, most people are at that level. If you want to invade lower than that, lets say Irythill or High Wall, you need a new Character... I doubt that you want to invade at level 120+ because these are all just NG+ players that run through.
im level 190 on ng+3 and its impossible
im level 230 on ng+4 and im stuck on dlc boss midir
I'm level 160 on ng+8 and it's impossible on the new dlc :(
I'm level 1 on NG+6 stuck on elfriede because of more health, can't handle 40 minutes of fighting the same boss with keyboard. Also NG+7 is the hardest difficulty of Dark Souls, even if you go to another NG+ it doesn't increase it's difficulty anymore therefore that other anon is a lying piece of*****.
if i summoned some one are the boss health increases??
I believe you do increasingly less damage with more phantoms.
The Boss has more HP when you summon.
The Boss HP scale up if you have more Phantoms. Say the Boss has 100 HP
1x Phantom - 500HP
2x Phantoms - 1000HP
3x Phantoms - 1500HP and so on...
This effect also STAYS after the Phantoms die. Say you go into the Boss room, all Phantoms die in 10 Seconds the Boss will STILL have 1500HP. The effect activates as soon as the Host enters a Boss room. The Boss HP stay like that even when no Phantom enters the Arena. But if you send a Phantom home BEFORE entering the Boss arena, his Health go down again. Say on 2 Phantoms its 1000 and if you send 1 home its back to 500 again. REMEMBER: As soon as you enter fog wall these HP are set and cant be jchanged, not even with sending a Phantom home!
it goes like this - with one phantom health is 1.5x so instead of 1000hp it will have 1500hp, with two its 2.0x so 2000 with 3 its 2.5x.
I am wandering if I should stick with my sl 125 or go up to sl150
If your quality 40/40. 125 is op for PvP. I think 150 should be the meta.


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I play @150
You'll find about an even amount of people in both brackets.
does anyone know the level range for aches of ariandel


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It's in the cathedral. So base it off of that
The fextralife page on the dlc says 60-70 recomended.


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A static message at the first bonfire of the dlc recommends beating Lothric Castle first, so yeah 60ish.
This list is ridiculous, must have been made by souls snobs. At lvl 128 with 40 dex, 38 str and 40 vit i still cant kill the end boss at catacombs of carthus in 20+ tries. If I did, it would take at least 15 or so near perfect minutes. No way are all but maybe 1% of the most hardcore players getting through there at level 50. It would take them an hour of perfect play just to beat the boss. This whole list is just snobbery.
Are you sure you're doing everything you can? Wolnir is a gimmick boss. don't just blindly attack and hope for the best. There's no way you'd still be stuck if you tried to learn each time you died.
hit the light rings bud. I beat him at level 62 on a pretty bad build. He's not that hard, you're just going at him as if he's a normal boss, think Zelda.
All you have to do is hit each ring 3-5x each (focus on one ring at a time until it breaks) and there are 3 rings. Breaking all 3 results in him dying. Just did it with a SL1 +2 weapon and it was definitely one of the easiest bosses (2 tries) so far on this run. The part that got me first time and may be causing you issues is the poison mist. Move under his head fairly close but not to close to his ribs when he breathes it out until it vanishes.
Holy***** how bad are you
I just beat him at lvl 34
Couldn't agree more.
Maybe get some summon help, but I'll still agree about the recommended levels being way low... did a speed runner make this list?
I'd say Wolnir is the easiest boss in the game, chances are you're doing something wrong. Go for the rings on his arms, once they break they deal massive damage to him, you just have to destroy the rings. I'm pretty***** at the game by the way, he was the easiest boss for me after the deacons.
Play some some hundred hours more, hopefully gittin gud sometime.
Seriously tho, you are pathetic.
That's one of the easiest bosses in the game lol... did you hit his bracelets?
For real im a complete noob never played any of the ds games and i killed him second time around lvl 50 had a +3 raw astora straight sword
EVERYONE. He is Joking, and if he's not.... He's 10 and shouldn't be playing this game.
"I can't be bad, everyone else must be lying!"

Git gud you idiotic piece of*****. Go there with those levels and connect online to see how many people are actually going at it.