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For the weight class, it's hard to beat for raw AR. As of 1.11, the 2-handed AR at 66 STR and +10 Heavy Infusion is 616. Same great move pool, same great range, and same paltry 10 units of weight. I wouldn't count on the ECS to reign dominant past 1.12, so this is probably a better long-term investment for those titanite Slabs.
I am using a +10 chaos zweihander, and it only gets c/c scaling for faith/int, i think FromSoft actually nerfed the infusions instead of buffing them


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that was an error on patch 1.12, check again.
It scales A - A now ^^


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The legend never dies! Still an amazing weapon in the right hands. Although a lot of old dark souls players are upset up some of the changes made to this absolute astonishing weapon, we find it bringing up old memories of previous games and still being viable enough for new players to experience this weapons legend.
What a great and wonderous weapon. I got one of these all the way to +10, but it wasn't dealing much damage with my build, but then I had an epiphany! I went and Sharp Infused it right away so that it would dish out savage damage with my 50 Dexterity, and now I mow through the game with my trusty Dex-Zwei. TLDR; The Legend Died Fanboys, now downvote me with all the salt in your brittle, Poiseless bodies!
This last patch just powered up the bass cannon. THE LEGEND NEVER DIES.
Sharp Zweihander 19 STR/70 DEX 2H: 586 AR

Heavy Zweihander 66 STR 2H: 603 AR

The Legend Lives

Dexfags are a dying breed
chaos zweihander AR 20/20/50/50 787 ((i do have the fire clutch ring tho))
Oh but have you not heard that my bass cannon hits for over 600 hp you fukin casual
chaos hits for about 700AR now with 40/40/25 int/faith/str


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This weapon seems to be better than Astora's for casters, 20/20/40/40 it has 697 2H while the Astora's has only 672. It's 2 units more heavier but you invest less stats (19/11) for the Zwei and 16/18 for Astora's.
I guess the only thing that could be better for astora wielders is that charge attack.
This thing is the bane of the Ringed knight paired gs
It scales A in both Faith and Int, now, if infused with Dark or Chaos Gem; that means it reaches almost 700 AR when 2h (with base dex and str). If you want a UGS for your Pyro or Hexer, this thing now rocks.
Yeah I was wondering if Astora Greatsword or Zweihander was better with min str/dex and int/fth 40/40 for my pyro build. Seems like it's 655 AR for the Zweihander now while Astora only gets 637 but weights 2 units less and has better weapon art imo. Tought call.
Infuse with Sharp, get shot by community.
In case people were wondering the AR values when 2 handed:

Refined +10 40 Str 40 Dex 582
Heavy +10 66 Str 11 Dex 602
Leveled up dexterity huh? Don't tell anybody that you leveled that up.