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i feel like a combination of iron dragonslayer armor with ringed knight is good
Oswald's weapon and armor should've come back.
Guys,burial knight set never existed...and no.That videos were just clickbait with fake contents
where is loincloth
loincloth is in the base game, so there isn't a need to put it here
No, there's a unique loincloth armor that looks different and even has different stats
It's a part of the black witch set
No it's not nvm
The Lioncloth is part of the Antiquated Plain set actually.
After doing coop for 6h I find the lack of fashion souls in the community disturbing.
lotta hentai armour in this dlc
I'm not complaining. Hot stuff, man owo.

Not that it could ever replace the sexy Ornstein plume, but Desert Sorceress set is HOT if taken out of context~
Out of 9 armor sets, there are only 2 that can be classified as even remotely "slutty." And yet, everywhere I look online, all I see are people saying "OMG! All the dlc armor is slutty girl clothes. Stupid fantasy fapping material. Such disappoint." :p
I would love it if a dlc was released but had no story or boss fights but just awesome new armor sets and throwbacks to previous souls games. It would be like Black Ops 3 camos and Black ops 2 guns.
gay and ***
More like *** and gay amirite?
kinda sucks that the Dragonslayer Set is only available in the dlc alone.