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''you can now resist stagger from one or two attacks every time you attack, which allows tanky, high poise builds to play much more aggressively'' it basically allows heavy weapon users to spam hits now and immobilizes all dex type of users, thus making many of them pretty much useless. Plus, hitboxes on most heavy weapons are total crap. UNBALANCE MUCH? that's probably the reason why 90% of the players I come across use heavy weaponry after the latest patch. Game is more unbalanced than ever atm and needs to revert imo.
It's not unbalanced, if a player using a heavy weapon attacks more than once if the first swing doesn't land a backstabbing is almost guaranteed, maybe it's just that you don't know how to avoid heavy attacks.
i think you only read 1/4 of what I stated. I do know how to avoid heavy hits but the unbalance is pretty clear especially with the bad hit boxes, yesterday i was being hit by two handers on distances like 2+ in game meters away from the oppenent's weapon edge. I used way too many different builds and I can see what's going on here. PS: its not just avoiding the hit, someone has to kill someone and I think you are aware of that.
Heavys just work that way. Dex is still a way better pvp choice. The problem with heavy weapons is once you can get a hang of the delay on their attacks(lag) , you can easily just start parrying every first hit. The range and hyperarmor frames they get is very minor compared to the rolls, stamina recovery and speed you get using light weapons



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when I'm talking about dex type users I mean people that mostly use small one handed weapons that most of them also scale with dex.
Look at the butthurt little dex ***. How cute.
Please show me how to parry 2 handed heavy weapons. I'd love to learn that.
exactly, I recently got ds3 and I started to notice the low variety of builds. It is always the same thing: Big weapons trying to stunlock you, forcing light builds to master parry or backstab, wich is not as easy as spam r1 with a big weapon that only needs to land one hit, stun, connect some more few hits and the duel is won. imo, ds2 still has the best pvp of the series.
Lol. I've taken out FUGS with a stupid corvian dagger, which doesn't have quick step. You just need to get better at spacing and timing your attacks. Before the latest patches, there was almost no incentive to use larger weapons, but now that they got an advantage you wanna sh you wanna s*** all over them? Wow man
Dex players could never trade hits with heavy weapons even with active Poise before. Dex build always depen on speed and better stamina management. As for the phantom range, it is there for all weapons, Straight swords being the most annoying for me.
Poise is all screwed up.

But hey its 420 baby.
So what's the story with the Black Knight Sword and it's "increased poise damage"?
Literally nothing, cause logic. Only weapon that had that specialty was Gundyr's Halberd, and it's poise damage got nerfed.
In other words, it only matters who attacks first.
Yeah, that's definitely not boring as*****.
Eh, there are plenty of mechanics like Perseverance that can turn trades around even if you attack after your opponent does.

I'd rather have what we do now than undefeatable poise monsters.
Most weapons can just avoid and punish any great or ultra weapon that swings first, consistenty. Katanas, greatswords, ultra greatswords, straight swords, thrusting swords, curved swords, curved greatswords, spears, probably more. You can easily just outspace someone. Sorry you can't just walk up and mash r1 anymore. Shut the ***** up and git gud instead of *****ing.

If you want a real poise build, you have to invest serious points into it, just like every other stat. Why is it considered normal to get 40 vigor, 40/40 int-fth or str-dex, but you're not okay with 30+ vitality? Nonsensical *****ing.
In comparison to who get staggered first? Yeah, that's definitely not boring as well.
If you think who gets staggered first is boring I'm guessing you don't like boss fights? Cause literally that's most bosses, lmao.
Working as intended
Look at all these dex casuals complaining about massive weapons. If it bleeds, it can die. 500 plus hours talking here. Any weapon can kill any player. Use them right.
>le dex casul meme xd
Go back to using your Vordt Greathammer as a dildo, elitist.
Strength players are casuals u rtard. Get a great club, hit the thing you want to kill, roll, roll, hit it again watch it die, so hard. You've got 400 plus hours on ds easy mode you twat, put your big sword away pull out a broken straight sword then put 400÷ hours in then you can talk
I hate to break it to you, but according to your strength strategy of "hit it then spam roll and hit it again", any weapon can be casul since you can do this with anything. Quit being so proud of yourself and just admit that your way of playing isn't the hardest and you aren't the best at this game.
How does Stagger work? Are there different types of "stagger"? For instance, sometimes you just get knocked a little bit, but at other times you're knocked completely over: is that just dependant on the weapon type?


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Methinks it is when your active attack is interrupted, regardless of the stagger animation.


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Methinks stagger is when your active attack is interrupted, regardless of the animation of the stagger.
I'll admit i read the article twice and still didn't understant sh*t :P
probably it's my fault but just to make sure, considering i'm currently going for a pure strenght PVE only build with Yhorm's Great Machete, would it make sense for me to have a Leo Ring +3 to increase poise or it's pontless?
In DS3 Poise is active only while you're attacking (not even during the complete attack-animation) and - IMHO - this is why I would say that in PVE Poise is useless.
I think it's wolf ring, not leo.
but yeah, poise is kinda pointless in pve
-Heavy weapons: Poise, unparryable.
-Light weapons: Speed, better stamina management​.
-A lot of different categories and mechanics to add variety.

Your build won't offer you everything you dream of. So build your character wisly to match your playing style. And get good. :)
"A lot of different categories and mechanics to add variety" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No, really, you're joking right?
No?. Weapon art, casting. Mechanics like Perseverance, Unfaltering Prayer. Paired weapons and so on all add variety to the gameplay.
And are all ultimately useless in most cases because of the lack of intellectual mechanics encompassing them making it come down to a singular method of getting lucky.

Weapon art and paired weapons is literally it. Which, like I said, can be useless in some cases. Unlike in the prior Souls games that isn't the case, if it is, it's VERY rare for your strategy to be completely useless because of the way the game works. Is this the said mechanics fault completely? No, not really. But pair that with the games pace and the way rolls and stunlock work, nearly everything you named, there's no point using over something else. Which hinders variety. Why use miracles and and cast when someone can just roll through every single one of them and obliterate you completely with a straight sword? Again, hinders it's usefulness.

PvE is probably the only acception. Since the game is a stunlock simulator and most of the AI isn't special.
-Heavy weapons: sloooooooooow