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Im a pure pyromancer and the merchant that sells this spell completely vanished since i never gave him a tome before beating abyss watchers. Am i completely screwed at a certain boss fight in the ringed city on NG+? because im not doing another replay after this one because a stupid DLC that completely screws over pyro builds only to have the best spell for my build completely locked out because of a stupid gameplay design where merchants can vanish due to vague dumb horse*****requirements not being met that no one would ever know unless looking at a guide.


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Pestilent Mercury isn't actually any good, it's just situationally useful in that one particular fight. You aren't losing anything of value, you can still kill the boss without it, and a chaos-infused weapon should work just fine.
Nigga, the dude made you promise to get him some *****in spells and you just went on your merry way without making an effort to get him the***** he asked for until it was convenient for you, that's not vague or dumb, it's common *****ing decency.
It isn't useless but does require good timing to dish out max damage. In regards to the certain boss fight, I'm on NG+7 and it helped a lot.
Don't play dark souls if you're gonna get mad at little***** like that
Well, though luck m8. It's darksouls. I'm surprised you doesn't progressively lose hp when your menu is open.
You didn't remember your promise did you?

So a guy who told you, "I want you to promise to bring tomes to me," got upset that you didn't?

There was absolutely nothing vague about this questline. Now, pre-patch Sirris eliminating your chance to get a Cat Ring or a second chance at the purple cov. because you respecced at Rosaria? Now that was freaking obscure. Yet even then, she made her contempt for the Fingers quite clear, even tho it was a glitch and only meant to turn her hostile if you actually turned in a Pale Tongue, not respecced.
i beat the Ringed City on NG+ with my Pyromancer at SL 85 with only +7 weapons (+3 special weapons), so yeah it's very possible. You can use normal pyromancies against Midir, i used Forbidden Sun (CBV) and it does ok damage when you hit his head. Just don't use dark damage at all (like BFO). Of course if you solely depend on spells buff them as much as you can with rings. I have 22 vigour, needless to say ANY of Midir's Attacks one-shots me on ng+, so you gotta learn his patterns. It isn't too difficult.
You know this is Dark Souls right?
I beat Midir without using Pestilant Mist/Mercury but then again i summoned a chap who basically danced in front of Midir and tore him a new ****** with a huge cleaver. Honestly i couldn't even get more than 4-5 hits in the whole fight, it was like 1 hit and then chase him down to try again. Whereas this summon i had took all the aggro and laughed in the dragons face whilst kicking his ***.
Does one disappear if another is cast by someone else? Or is it just a visual effect?


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- It destroys Midir.

-It can be effectively used vs Demon Prince boss and the first two demons (especially in c-op or at low SL)

- it can be effectively used vs the little prince Lothric who is resistant to magic. He is stationary so he takes some serious damage.

Midir dislikes this page
It also dose wonders vs the Dancer. Just hide behind the stairs and let the quick silver cloud do its job!
Note: there can be only one Pestilent Mercury per time, if you cast, then a phantom or invader cast another, yours will disappear because of the new one

Tought this might be interesting to share
I'm not personally aware of what you said. But I can cast several cast in a row, without the others disappearing.
@anon from 4/19: You're either full of***** or confused, i use this spell regularly and as the OP just said it can only create ONE cloud at a time, if you cast the spell before the cloud's time has elapsed it'll disappear and a new cloud with a new timer will appear. I don't personally know whether or not others' pestilent mercury spells cancel out your own cloud, but i don't imagine that to be the case...
Beat midir first try with this
Pestilent Mercury confirmed cheese for the Dancer. :^)
Pestilent is a sorcery that works against every boss. It helps if the boss is bigger or static. Its not a cheese.
High Lord Wolnir doesn't aggro from this spell. Easiest boss fight.
That fight is already the easiest boss fight.
Since spells don't dissipate when you rest at a bonfire, it is possible to kill yourself with this spell while resting.
Tested, you cannot. They made bonfireservations constantly top off your hp while you rest. It's how they prevent rhetoric mimic head deathsntoo.