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I really wish the giant would shut up. sick of waiting around just to die.
Same. His blowhard speech also interferes with accessing the menu and making inventory changes.
I think I just encountered a glitch, I was cooping at the Ringed City Streets, I had the way of blue covenant equipped,

I put down my sign near the bonfire waited for a bit and for some reason I was summoned as the boss for this boss fight, I haven't killed that dragon yet, so I can't join the covenant, is there some kind of hidden mechanic I am not aware off? or just a freak occurrence?

Thankfully it was just one guy, I beat him because he didn't even try to kill that first painting guardian.
Being summoned to the boss fight by placing your sign is possible, it just happens on very rare occasions. It happened to me, too.

I think I also read somewhere here in the wiki that you can be chosen as a Spear of the Church when using the Red Eye Orb, but I can't confirm that from my own experience.
You're wrong; if there is no available Covenant member, it picks an online player at random.
So do you get a slab each time you reset the boss and beat it or is it just the first fight?
No, you get only one per Playthrough!
Well I beat the boss but the player that got sumind was a lag *** and I killed him and now im stuck in the boss fight with no enimys
Is there a way to get Halflights Armor?
Halflight uses the Antiquated Plain Set, which is found in a secret area before the boss fight (see wiki).
I've been summoned several times as a boss while leaving a sign on the floor.
Leaving your sign down makes no difference.
I'm trying to get shira's set. Anyone willing to help me get though this? This boss is total pain in the butt on lvl 25 with +2 weapons. Alternatively you could just drop me the set. I'm playing on PC. Thanks in advance if anyone wants to help me.
The comments section here gave me autism. How is this seriously the boss that's giving everyone the most trouble when Midir and Gael exist?
This guy was a breeze. Killed him on my third try, and I was kinda goofing off because I was enjoying the fight. The demon and the dragon were hell for me, so I was reveling in a fun fight.
Yo I'm playing through the DLC right now. I was in front of midirs boss gate and put my summoning sign down as as a sunbro. I got summoned and suddenly I got in this boss room and had to kill a host lol. I was not paying attention when it happened so it freaked me out. Doest this fight have the same mechanic as mirror knight and the monk guy from Demon souls? And how do you trigger the summoning?
I'm pretty sure this is me just being incompetent as hell or my timing is off but whenever I get summoned as a spear of the church I suddenly can't parry. I'm not exactly a parry king but I know how to parry. There was some guy spamming dragonslayer great axe WA and I know how to parry the damn thing but instead I just get the partial parry where I just block damage. There's been a few other instances as well but for the most part I just can't seem to parry anyone once I've been summoned as a spear.
u sure know how to parry?) Great weapons when two-handed cannot be parried at all)
Simple, git gud
yeah dude they changed that I noticed that too. I used to parry that WA left and right but now it's just impossible. doesn't have anything to do with spear of the church.