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Another thing to point out, with the new patch. On a dedicated faith build with low str and dex investment, Blessed infusion is now stronger than uninfused, heavy, sharp, refined, and raw upgrade paths. At least on weapons that scale S in faith, which is quite a few from what I can tell. it seems all the weapons that previously scaled A, now scale S. The list can be found here:
Sadly that list is pretty outdated, in the patches since its likely at least some of those have changed. I think someone on reddit will probably put out a list soon.
Alright. Well, it may be outdated for some infusions or weapons. I only checked the Blessed infusions. And every weapon on that list that said it previously scaled A in Faith I checked and all of them now, as of patch 1.13 scale S in Faith when at +10 (most at +9). There may be even more now tho, as I only verified the ones on the list.
All of these weapons (and possibly more) scale S in Faith when at +10, and most at +9.

Lothric Knight Sword
Gotthard Twinswords
Astora Greatsword
Carthus Sword
Painting Guardian Curved Sword
Follower Sabre
Carthus Greatsword
Exile Greatsword
Harald Curved Greatsword
Richard's Rapier
Crow Quills
Onikri and Ubadachi
Hand Axe
Thrall Axe
Winged Spear
Rotten Ghru Spear
Four-Pronged Plow
Follower Javalin
Drang Twinspears
Lothric Knight Long Spear
Lothric War Banner
Great Scythe
Great Corvian Scythe
I find it weird that strike weapons, associated with clerics, don't scale S with faith on this infusion. Feel like the mace should have it.
Thank you for posting S scaling infusion. Very useful information.
Oh, this is interesting. Lothric Knight Greatsword, when Blessed +10 A scaling in Faith, isshowing a 705 2h AR with 18 Str 18 Dex 60 Faith. From what I can tell, it looks like the Lightning Damage on the weapon when infused with Blessed scales off the Faith stat. That's from the mugenmonkey, as this build is not that far yet, so I can't see the actual numbers.

Oki I looked on my 55 Faith 35 Strength 18 Dex build. It would seem that the Lightning damage indeed scales with Faith. Here are the numbers.

Blessed Lothric Greatsword+10
Scaling D in STR, C in DEX, A in FAITH

Physical: 185 + 280 (2h 290) = 465 (475)
Lightning: 113 + 127 = 240
so 707 1h, 717 2h

Compared to the Lightning +10 with same stats:
Scaling D in STR, D in DEX, and A in FAITH
(the A is red which would seem that the Faith scaling is weaker than Blessed)

Physical: 157 + 55 (2h 62) = 212 (219)
Lightning 231 + 239 = 470
so 682 1h, 689 2h

So in conclusion, Blessed seems to be the better infusion on the LKGS. Tho the Lightning does considrable more Lightning damage.


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I have a build currently using this. It is an exceptional weapon. Trying to test two things as of this point.. is there any other weapons that behave with these properties, and does the simple gem behave in the same way?
Dragonslayer Axe also does this though you're better off using that with Raw + Lightning Blade buff
With the latest patch blessed gem based regeneration tanks build is possible. Currently using Greatsword (UGS) infused with blessed gem on 28 Str , 10 dex and 39 faith, two handed it deals 512 (200 + 312) physical damage at +10. Not as high as what a quality build would get, but still strong enough to destroy enemies, coupled with high vitality and absorption, it becomes a very durable build with sun princess ring and blessed caestus.
Why no great swords with S scaling? Ultra greats looks stupid and have no sheath.
It would be impossible to unsheath an ultra greatsword by yourself. Hence, no sheath.
Try to use Blessed Lothric Greatsword.

24 STG
16 DEX
60 FAI

Becomes very powerfull.
715 AR.

Another good weapons to use blessed gem ate Dragonslayer's axe and Drakeblood Greatsword.
Why the ***** would you sheath an Ultra weapon. LOL.
Greats word gets s scaling with blessed infusion
You look stupid
Question, do the heal over times from gentle prayer (weapon art), blessed gem, and bountiful light stack?
all regen's stack pretty much
So, is it just me, or are we supposed to take it on FAITH that the lightning damage comes with this gem? Or perhaps the lightning damage was removed in a patch? Cause when I'm in the infusions screen, it shows 0 lightning damage.
It only adds better faith scaling to weapons with lightning damage present on them. Like Dragon slayer axe or lothric knight great sword
The blessed infusion causes the physical damage of the weapon to scale with faith, but it doesn't add lightning damage. It will also boost the faith scaling of any innate dark or lightning damage on the weapon as well (it would boost the scaling of weapons with innate fire damage, but there are no weapons that have innate fire damage that can be infused).
Drakeblood Greatsword has lightning damage, but no scaling for it. Giving it a blessed infusion gives it's physical AND lightning damage (not it's magic damage) faith scaling.
Can you still buff a blessed infused weapon with sunlight blade?
If you're referring to the weapon skill of the sunlight straight sword, that will buff your character NOT your weapon. So it should still have an effect on your overall AR
The only infusions with which you can use a weapon-buff are :
No infusion
Lothric Greatsword, Dragonslayer's Axe and Drakeblood Greatsword work very well with blessed gem.

Lothric Banner is surprisingly good too with Blessed infusion
Ended up infusing a Partizan on my faith user and it hits pretty hard.