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- Dragonslayer Helm
- Ruin Armor
- Millwood Gauntlest
- Lorian´s Leggings

- Vilhelm's Helm
- Slave Knight Armor
- Morne's Gauntlets
- Black Iron Leggings
Dark Executioner

-Firelink helm
-Ringed knight Chest
-Dark Leggings/Ringed Knight Leggins
-Dark Gauntlets

-Dragonslayer Greataxe
-Ceastus/Small Leather Shield


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-Billed mask
-Sunset armor
-Millwood gaunlets
-Lorians leggings
-Onyx Blade
-golden crown
-ringed knight chest
-ringed knight gloves
-nameless kings leggings
Ringed Dragonslayer Tank looking dude

Lorians Crown
Ringed Knight Armor
Iron Dragonslayer Gauntlets
Iron Dragonslayer Leggings

Dark Sword (Black Knight Greataxe/Dragonslayer Greataxe looks great too)
Yorms Greatshield

Looks even better after you apply the Darkmoon Blade buff..
If anyone on Xbox has an extra Creighton Steel Mask they wouldn't mind handing off, my gamertag is DarthBatman89. Just message me saying you have an extra.
-Desert Sorceress Hood
-Lothric Knight Armor
-Lothric Knight Gauntlets
-Elite knight leggings
-Desert Sorceress Hood
-Firelink Armor
-Ringed Knight Gauntlets
-Iron Dragonslayer Leggings
Wow lol i was just rocking this without even looking here ;)
Winter Hunter (Bloodborne​ cosplay)

Leonard's Mask
Follower Armor
Elite Knight Gauntlets
Farram Boots