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Frost value is now 60 instead of 50
most beautiful mace ever
And it tastes minty fresh!
do i need to wield this with 2 hands?
No, but two handing boosts your strength by i think 50% so you can hold it with much less strength and do more damage when you do use two hands
Plus if you don't 2 hand this bad boy you can be parried. If you 2 hand it your attacks are unable to be parried.
Frost value @ +5 is now 110
So I've been testing the new frostbite value of Vordt's Great Hammer on some high level enemies on NG+ (red-eyed Lothric Knights, Black Knights, Gold Winged Knights, etc.) and uh... it's triggering frostbite in a single hit on pretty much everything. The only enemies so far that aren't being one-hit frostbitten are the clerics in Lothric Castle, some enemies affected by their Sacred Oath skill, and the big Pus of Man enemies. I think frostbite is rearing to go!!!
It's okay if frostbite procs quickly. It's not like bleed that can proc repeatedly in a short period of time.
Since I can't reply to my own message (since I'm anonymous I guess), I wanted to update my report so far. Late game Grave Wardens will get frostbitten in 2 hits, Kriemhild will in 3 hits, and Champion Gundyr will in 2 hits. So in general, if your opponent doesn't get frostbitten on the first hit, you can bet money that they will on the second.
One hit procs occur on enemies that are weak vs frost. Cathedral Knights are one. A charged R2 catch when they charge(poising through their great hammers with your 57 poise) and then hit with an offhand fire weapon or bomb to proc again on wake up.
The frostbite value has been buffed from 60 to 110 in the last patch, now it procs frost in the regular r1 2h combo
As much the euphoria is burning in you I want everyone to remember that the Vordt+5 STILL deals less damage than +5 dragon tooth or Morne. But as a mid game pve/pvp weapon it could now outshine everything in it's weight class! Further testing should focus on this part of the game. PvE AND PvP. I expect surprising results my fellow DS fans.
You're wrong here, man. Sure Vordt's doesn't deal as much damage, but being able to proc frost on many people in 2 hits...well good luck surviving an R1-R1 from this thing.
There is no such thing as a "Mid-Game" weapon you scrub. Every weapon has something to make it stand out.

Git Gud.
This weapon carry's me through PvE like nothing else has
the man is right my casual friends ~
This is actually a Great Mace. Not a Great Hammer.
whats the difference?
As of the ringed city patch it causes 110 frost build up per hit