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Please remove the fact that invaders attack one another. I've met a bunch of retards that I had to but down because they attacked me.
Invasions are dead in Dark Souls 3. Don't try it if you're not prepared to die more than 70% of your invasions / are not really familiar with it. My experience when invading was enemy chugging estus all the time, endless phantom summoning and repetative invasion of the same person / gank squad. Low level invasions were okay-ish (minus the estus drinking), however there are only a few spots which are fun for invading, one of them being the Aldrich Faithful invasion area.

I'm really kinda fine with invading phantom parties, but people chugging estus is really killing it for me. I wish FROM at least allowed the invasion of the same number of dark spirits as there are phantoms in the game.
git gud and wait for your moment to attack

and ofc people are gonna chug estus, it isn't a duel man. just punish them if they chug
I once killed 3 people in 4v1, host resummoned them all again because you can run away for hours without ever dying. 57 estus vs 1p estus in total. gg
how does the trivia not say anything about the uncanny resemblance to the behelit from Berserk
I have cancer
Git Gud
Know what's really funny? When someone invades me as I'm about to fight the boss and then call me a scrub for fighting the boss since I want to progress instead of wasting my time fighting them then running back to the boss door
Indeed. Many invaders forget that they are unwanted. Ofcourse I'll be honorable if I'm fight clubbing or otherwise actually seeking for PvP.
No. Funny is when level 100+ people summon 3 phantoms for undead settlement and then point down at a fun build invader after 4 quality tryhards with ridiculously op weapons spam the ***** out of the invader
Always hilarious to see slimy invaders complain when people ignore them and continue the game.
Can you still get this if you are at the borial valley part of the game?
Yeah im pretty sure you can! Start off by looking for Leonhard next to the main throne in firelink.
I beat the final boss and also everything in both DLCs, THEN went back and got the red eye orb. So yeah, it should always be available.
Too bad its worthless. "invades someone" 4 man gank squad....nice
Recently started playing this game. I have a question. I was reading on this site that the best way to farm for pale tongues are by killing the two dark wraiths right after the farren bonfire. That being said, the only things I've been getting on a consecutive base are red eye orbs from them. Was there any changes/patches recently? I haven't gotten one pale tongue from them, only red eye orbs. If anyone can respond, I'd appreciate it.
Nope, it still works, the drop is just very rare. push your itemdiscovery as far as you can, ir will sace you hours:)
Just invade my friend, you will get the pale tongues a lot faster and while having a lot of fun
You're kidding right? Fastest way to earn pale tongues is to invade, if you're lucky enough you'll invade a host that is just wearing "way of the blue" so you can have free blue kills thus earning forked pale tongue each time, got 99 pale tongues in like 2h.
strange thing: today I've used the red eye orb while in the farron covenant and I've invaded as a farron guardian



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I think what happens is that you're also in the queue list for the Wolf covenant so it was merely a coincidence that you invade as a Farron Watchdog. Was it also in Farron Keep area or somewhere else?
Long live the Red Eye Ord! The most awesome item of the whole Dark Souls series.
Not for the faint of heart! You will need great skills, uncanny map knowledge and a good build to make it as a Dark Souls mob. Remember these golden rules of invasion:
- Never invade an area you didn't clear.
- Wear the Obscuring Ring; it is the root of invasion gameplay, whatever the haters say.
- Know the area you invade Inside and out. Use passages, heights and bottlenecks to your advantage.
- Never engage the host in a fair situation, and use surprise to your advantage. Stalk and wait for the***** to get real; then add the cherry on top.
- Use the monsters as much as possible.
- Hide, wait, hit hard, run away; rince and repeat.
- Chug Estus to stay alive.
- Always ask yourself this question: "What would be for me the most horrifying, annoying thing that could happen in this portion of the map?" Your answer to this question is the plan that you should try to execute.
- When facing a gank, don't engage and stalk your preys. They have to play the actual game at some point. When they do, punish them as unfairly as possible using the mobs and the environment. Oh; and parry their attacks to thin their numbers quickly.
- Most people backtrack to the last bonfire when they are being invaded. Many maps will allow you to punish them for doing so. Your last option should be to accept a fair, face to face duel.

Note that you should never do ANY of those things if you are actually in a duel.
Or you could do them anyway, as long as you are ready for the retalition.
Playing Beyond Good and Evil is the essence of Dark Souls.
Obscuring ring sucks. Range is not good enough anymore.
reading this gave me cancer. gg
Yes, long live the "Red Eye Ord"