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You can spot the real sage from the clones by the color of its magic. Sage purple; clones blue. Seems MOSTLY harmless up close. Easy melee fight if you keep moving and press the attack.
One of the easiest bosses in the game, i beat him on the first try
what a puss thing to say. just stfu if you got lucky punk
I guess Phantom summoning now counts as ''beating'' a Boss.
Interesting piece of info: Pestilent mercury does NOT engage his teleport, as such it could potentially allow one to beat him with little difficulty, assuming one can get close enough to reliably use it.
Not the easiest fight, I would recomend you put on your gear that has the most magic resistance cuz those bolts hits like a *****ing semi truck.
Nah, just git gud and roll. They're really not that hard to avoid.
"The mask worn by the Sage is reminescent of Bloodborne's Beak Mask."
A weird thing to say as Bloodborne's Beak Mask is taken straight out of a Plague Doctor mask, a historical thingy.
i like historical thingy
i like "historical thingy"
I hypothesis that crystal sorcery in general dose tremendous harm to the users mind, not just the crystal catalysts. Big Hat Logan turned into a homocidal nudist when he unlocked the secret of Seath's crystal sorcery. That being said however, he also threw away his catalyst staff in favor of the Tin Crystallization Catalyst. Difficult to say if it had anything to do with his psychotic meltdown but it might have played a part. Seath The Scaleless was obsessed with immortality and more specifically the Primordial Crystal in which he claimed as his own after betraying his own kind. His research into the primordial crystal I strongly believe was the origin of crystal sorcery...which drove him insane in the end. (See the pattern here?) Without a doubt, crystal sorceries have a long history in being harmful to the users mind, be it both dragon or undead. One other note, it also seems to cause grotesque deformities, namely crystal like tumors to grow on the users skin. Seath was covered in them and his experimental subjects were also deformed. I wonder if this is why the Sage Brothers wear those plague doctor masks, so as to hide their deformities. Just an insubstantial theory but one to consider nevertheless.
I also believe it to be the sorceries, it seems to be the knowledge that drives anyone seeking them mad. Does it blame the catalysts somewhere?
I found out that if you hit him/her with frayed blades WA strong attack the boss won't teleport
The same thing has happened with poison and toxic spells.
It should be tested if other weapon arts also do this
Dear all the scrubs who think this is the eziest boss of ds3, try NG+7 sl1 solo run against this guy. Without proper resin or itemization his friends will rekt your sorry arse without that much difficulty.
Well at that point you kinda brought it on yourself
also super difficult on speedruns
Easiest boss of DS3? In a world where Iudex Gundyr, Ancient Wyvern, Deacons of the Deep and The Rotted Greatwood exist? I think not!
At Sl1 in NG+7 everything will one shot you idiot
Dude we have *****ing Yorm which has its own "KILL-ME-EZ" sword.
Nothing gets easier than that, not even Daecons.
( in regards to the guy that said about "Yhorm* which has his own KILL-ME-EZ sword" ) what about the ancient wyvern? ... you just... fall on him... thats basically it... only trouble is the manserpents getting there but lets be honest thats not even the boss fight
Funny enough, I died once to the Ancient Wyvern and never to Yhorm.
I somehow missed the head when going for the plunge, and gravity did the rest. To this day I walk in shame.
Well, you can parry Crystal Sage but only if he attacks you with his Rapier
This boss can be easily cheese as long as you have 12 int with story teller staff that can be easily farmed at road of sacrifice.
Just need to poison him twice the entire fight and hide behind the 2 furthest pillars, occasionally running to the other when the sage cast his hail.