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The drop rates are pretty damn good compared to other covenant items! With 364 item discovery I once got 4 out of 4 DWs to drop it in a row, I know its just luck, but I got 30 tongues before I got 30 swordgrasses, and there are 2 DWs and 9 ghrus, so the drop rate is very good indeed.
anyone needs pale tongues? im constantly maxing out
i would love to what do u want in return?
U can't trade them
I do need pale tongues I messed up on my stats and need 5 pale tongues to reset my stats
i would love to...what do u want in return?
These seem to drop in between 3 and 4 times more frequently than proofs of a concord kept.
So still pretty rare. (I recommend you farm these in pvp while you are still low lvl).
Easy way to farm those atm in the new dlc: Use your Red Eye Orb at the "Earthen Peak Ruins" bonfire, after you're summoned just wait a few seconds and watch how the host gets rekt by the lasers, lel.
Thank you! You are a god-send!
or suffer death yourself because angels kill invaders too
Too bad everyone at that bonfire has 3 summons
Angels don't attack invaders.
Easiest way to get these is having a friend use your red sign soap stone (while a finger of rosaria) and killing them for the tongue.
Need some help cheesing these if anyone is willing to help. Will help you in return message me PSN paranoidsystem
I don't know why people have a problem collecting these. Just invade. Hide and wait for the host/summons to die, if you have no luck with PvP.
I can't afford ps plus tho
The problem is, that there are no worlds to attack. None. in 2 hours, i invaded 3 people. This is *******. Thats why.
No point of farming these since you are only able to rebirth as many as 5 times unless you want to rank up. Pfff...
Only need 5 so ye I would get the items of corpses