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this shield for maximized fashion stat
When the rest of your fashion sucks a shield won't rescue it. But I know already I talk to walls. Well...proceed runnning around like homeless people and give yourself immersive names like "123lol456".


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This shield has a huge window to deflects spells, it's rather amusing. But would this deflect projectile miracles?


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Update: I was able to parry a thrown lightning spear, and projectile pyromancies.



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This shield is badass. It can parry any ranged spell.
This thing is basically a greatshield in the form of a med-shield. Cancer incarnate
Getting very tired of people labeling various***** from dark souls as "cancer." Almost meaningless at this point.
Does this by any chance also parry Pyromancies?
It does, however many pyromancies have splash damage and can still hit you if rebound them into the ground near you.


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Yes, it does. All conventional types, and a pair of specific ones.
What would be really nice for this shield, to make going for spell parries worth you while, would be if when a spell is parried, it rebounds off of your shield and back to the caster. It could make the Golden Wing Crest Shield that much more viable. I'm sure Fromsoft won't even take this into consideration, but hey, whatever.
I agree because I love the shield but it should be a chance that it will go back at the caster
I agree with this. The risk of parrying has no real value unless it gives you a window to damage your opponent.
Since the spell goes over your head, I'm going to test with blind/backeards spell parry... wish me luck
Doesn't work nvm
seriously this shield was horrible in DS2.
I could of sworn you could infuse it , in dark souls 2.
to be fair to yould infuse like 98% of weapons and shields in ds2, even twinkling titanite and boss stuff
I just love how it says its a blue shield when clearly its green. Almost reminds me of a certain 4 prong plow XD
The shield belonged to blue knights; the description doesn't mean the shield itself is blue.
In japanese blue and green is the same word



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Japanese cultural thing: blue means unripe fruit when its clearly green.
I know it says it deflects spells and such, but would it deflect soul stream or white dragon's breath?


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It would not, though that would look awesome as *****.
For anyone wondering or unaware, Spell-parrying only works on projectile based spells such as; Fireball, Soul Spear, Sunlight Spear, Lightning Arrow etc. It will not work with AoE or point-attack spells like Lightning Storm, Soul Stream, Profaned Flame, Black Flame, or other similar effects.
best shield 10/10