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How to beat it easily, 1. Rush to the door and open the door, 2. attack him few attacks and back to outside the door, 3. repeat step 2 until it dead, 4. Profit!



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Are these guys blind or what? I started playing as a thief and was surprised by how effective quickstep is against these things; they actually freeze (no pun intended) in place for a few seconds after I get behind them with it. Bandit's knife with human pine resin makes quick and easy work of them.
A method of cheesing the one in Lothric Castle is to lead him back up the curved staircase. Then guide him to the top of the staircase directly in front and hop down the opening on your right. You can trap him behind the wall and damage him with AOE spells and Pyromancies (Chaos Fire Orb works wonders)
Good thing they never seem to wield sword with two hands or b8 with charged attack. Even scrub like me can parry 'em.
This guy is harder than some bosses of the game. He is so fast.
Git Gud
Can they be launched? with the 'Stomp' skill, from an Ultra Greatsword?
No. As with all the big enemies, stomp will briefly stagger them.
This is correct, but some larger enemies like the giant snake men can sometimes be launched. Never had it happen with an Outrider though.
For the one at the end of Undead Settlement just before the bonfire for the next stage, he will hover at the door but cannot chase you out into the bonfire area. I cheesed him with a few well-placed arrows. If he does wander away step back into his chamber and get his attention and then run back outside towards the bonfire.
Funny how most of his attacks to me is 3 times, rarely 2 like said in the video lol
the first one, right before road of sacrifice, this guy can easily be cheesed with anything ranged from the bonfire. he wont attack you if you are outside, if you dont use arrows or magic you can easily take a few steps in make a charged heavy attack then retreat out the door so he resets. rinse and repeat until he is dead. 100% physical sheild helps with this melee strategy. dont roll just walk backwards holding the sheild up.
Easiest way to cheese him is to agro him back to the elevator and then go up it, he'll fall down the hole and die.
They're Immune to Toxic/Poison.