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There's a few counters to it,like stomp or perseverence when they l1. You could also use a fast weapon and stay up close.most of the users don't know what r1 is so they'll just l1 or wa.For the l1 just hit with your fast weapon because the P O I S E is slow to kick in so they'll just stagger and if they use the weapon art just backstab them.Also,on an extra note,the first l1 catches panic rolls so if they get a running l1 don't roll like a *
*Que anime music at deafening volume.*
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Oh, i wonder what weapon they are usi-- annnnd they all have RKPG's.... narutoxkirito672 has invaded
enemy: L1 spam
me: run away and shoot magic
outcome: hate mail

makes perfect sense
Working as intended XD
Cant it then with magic when you cant run as oh look your pinned
Don't you just hate when you find that sorcerers are even more op?
Saw It, tried It, didn't like it. Maybe its just me but the combos don't seem to consistently put out the same damage other strength weapons do.
then do not use this weapon as a mage you scrub
I do not think you may have read my comment properly so I will make it clear for you. I am running a STRENGTH build.
12 year old insults all amount to: scrub. Honestly, when did he even say mage...
I like them cuz i use to powerstance greatswords in ds2
True. They were to lazy or failed to add powerstance. Although they do have weapon skills that are really cool
i just can't handle guys using this things any idea how to counter them?
git gud
Most people either spam weapon art or spam L1 for weapon art out space the flip and roll behind easy backstab for the L1 spam get close and roll through expect the full combo and you will destroy all these *****es ;)
An Absolute Bull*****Weapon. Wtf did FromSoft think ? something like "hey gank squads are way to weak lets give them some more Power!" ?. So you had fun invading at Pontiff and trying to beat regual gank Squads? Cool! how about these 3 pll RKPG Squad?! You liked Pontiff fight Clubs ? Well i'll tell you smth there are no Pontiff Fight Clubs anymore now there is a special PVP/Bossfight/Coop event where one pll is standing in the middle and slaughters the challengers with his cool RKPGs one by one until finally someone comes and kills this bastard. Thx From for making DarkSouls3 pvp even worse! (didnt think that was possible tbh)
RKPGS are actually pretty bad. They are just new and most people haven't adapted yet. They are a silly combo gimmick weapon like Farron GS and Friede's Scythe.
The moveset is very predictable, so much so that it is easy to parry, as well as you can always practice on a respawning weapon


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because obviously nobody should go to anor londo with a co-operator, they should all drop down from the crevasse.

don't take it personally, i hate invaders as much as i hate the first part of the road of sacrifices, i have no clue why you can't do that area with someone.
The ONLY bull*****thing about these is the damned hitbox. The WA charge... It's a thrusting attack. I shouldn't be getting hit by it AT ALL if I roll through it and am standing at the wielder's 5 o'clock.
Try stomp
Did that a short while back with my Zweihander build. Works like a charm against these.
Easy counter, only hit L1 once then roll back. The single L1 does decent damage and you will dodge the stomp every single time.
I never use these weapons, but personally I like it. It puts the git gud back in dark souls. If you can't handle a scrub using these then you can't handle a pro using an average weapon. If you hate dark souls 3 PvP so bad go back to dark souls 2.
This weapon is just a stun lock, it makes the game pay to win
Yeah like I am not too upset at these weapons but it is stupid how if you so much as get hit once youre dead
If you could handle giant dads in the first game you should be able to handle these
Throw dung at someone who fights with it in pvp, or treat them like a boss fight.
sounds fun :D
What? Dark Souls 2 wasn't any less difficult... it was just difficult in a way that people resented, hence all the hate for it. It had what many consider "artificial difficulty" (many gank situations rather than actually challenging a.i. and enemy placements) rather than the actual difficulty of dark souls 1 and 3... I've played DS2 enough that i can go through the entire game without much issues, i've ALSO played DS3 enough with the same results. I wouldn't say that one is harder than the other, they're just hard in different ways. Go for ds2 if you want to face multiple enemies in small areas or go for ds3 if you want to fight with enemies that have good enough a.i. to successfully parry you regularly.
I dont get it when peeps say you die when you get hit by this weapon. I have won every trade i had with this weapon. I get hit once and then they are a smoking puddle. I think peeps just gotta learn how to not be so one fimensional in DS 3. You got options dont just rely on yer weapon alone to kill enemies. Use magic oor pyro mancy or if you want insta win use sunbro spear.