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can this be paried?
The L1 combo can't be parried, but regular R1s can.
lol it's like asking if you could parry a train coming at you.
You can roll through the L1 attack. They're easy to deal with
Kinda suprised they tempered with the invasion and summoning mechanics but they didnt take their take time to fix the hitboxes on this...
Some weapons just shouldn't exist
GIt gud u scrub



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Git gud? This weapon is just f***ed up. Get one hit from the famous combo (and its phantom range) and you can't even dodge anymore. People who are using it need to git gud.
"Git gud," says the scrub whose brain is capable of producing only just enough energy to command his chubby little fingers to press L1.
Oh no, someone said "git gud" I guess they're morbidly obese and have crippling social anxiety! Yes, we totally have the moral high ground as well as being logically correct in our whining about a game instead of getting better at it!
These are great in PVE, the L1 stunlocks humanoid enemies (Friede, Abyss Watchers, etc) and when it's +5, it's capable of literally destroying everything. (Alright, maybe not everything, but you get the point, it's a really good weapon in PVE.)
God so many whiners who lose once and say they're Op.
Literally didn't play the game for months and only came back for dlc, immediately invaded by these things and I beat him only being hit twice (L1L1) never seen them before that didn't know any moves so yeah not that bad.
I will say phantom range with L1 needs to be addressed.
The phantom range on the L1 is why they are Op
No, the r1 range is just broke, if they have havels migt as well just drop the controller their and acdept death also the wiki is broken and i cant see what i type
I'm surprised a weapon like this was a even put into the game. Two huge swords that you can swing around at the speed of light? And the fact that you can be hit by the two handed thrust while behind the person is ridiculous
The hitboxes on these are ridiculous, but dont let the "git gud" dorks hear you say that lol
The "git gud" dorks are the players that are better than you at the game, maybe you should listen to them?
The people who use this weapon are the worse, msotly as they taunt me.
Alright, so, with good spacing, a charged R2 from any UGS or other heavy weapon (preferably ones that poke for thrust bonus) are a pretty good counter to these weapons. Now, here's the thing that I don't get, and actually it's bugged me for quite a while: After hitting someone with a fully charged R2 and they've been pancaked / moon launched / thrown to the ground, why are they invulnerable while they are stunned and just laying? Why cant we go in for a coup-de-grace and finish them properly? How is suckering someone with a charged R2 different from suckering someone with a parry and punishing them with a riposte or even a lazy backstab?
Ashes of Ariandel is a joke with these. Cleaned house, collected everything and got to corvian settlement in 30 min lol.
It actually is, re-did Ariandel with these and even the boss fight seemed like a joke. Staggered Sister Friede for a 7 hit combo that took half her HP in any phase.
Take these out of the game. Everyone uses them and they are GAY. It's impossible to avoid this garbage wherever I go, and I am stuck rolling through unlimited L1 spams. NOT fun. Invasions are hell against gankers with this*****.
how is it any different than the run and poke *** with katanas?
It's ridiculous how immature idiots like you use GAY as a term of insult. Just shut up and play the game
I didn't know a sword could have a sexual orientation.