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These definitely need a serious buff. Reasons: A; Can't be infused B; Poor projectile tracking C; Poor projectiles speed. They are still viable if you are doing a pve build, but not so much in higher level pvp. I think they could fix this simply by either giving the arrows better lock on tracking mechanics similar to that of the AI or by increasing the speed at which the arrows travel.
Pvp wise, I see bow/xbow more of a poking/countering weapon like Spears, thus the synergy with Leo ring. No way going ham like spamming shots will get you anywhere. But the incapablity to buff/infuse them bewilders me when Darkmoon longbow itself has build in magic damage, why can't other bows be by crafting.
PVP: DamnNoHTML had a PVP bow build based around a composite bow. He suggests Leo ring and trading with people as they roll into you. He was also using free aiming to catch people waiting for you to shoot before rolling, though not much success. Might need some serious practice to be effective. Says Shield Turtles and hyper armor weapons counter.
PVE: Can be super easy for PVE. Aim for the head, use no armor/rags, Flynn Ring, Lloyd's Sword Ring and Hidden Body for max damage. I like to use the Storyteller's Staff as a catalyst with this for the poison art, can save a lot of arrows against tough enemies. Pharros Bow is likely the way to go, so you don't need much strength.
the milwood bow isn't even here what is this


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Millwood Bow is a Greatbow, not a regular bow
If you practice bow enough you can punish players who roll towrads you. This is actually really good, just use like a lightning arrow execept you need to shoot more precisely. If you perfectly roll catch, you can headshot him, dealing extra damage and staggerd enough to recover your stamina for next move.
You can do everything a bow does and more in PVP with a crossbow. The biggest drawback of the bow is that you need to 2-hand it to shoot. This occupies both hands, which means you're committing to firing arrows and practically giving your next move away. What's worst is that the better bows do not have running/rolling attacks like the short bow or composite bow. On the other hand, a crossbow can be 1-handed, paired with anything on main hand. You have much more versatility. Since you can go either melee or range without having to press a button, your opponent can't really tell what you're going to do.